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    I’m really wondering why Anna would take Sydney, and for that matter, how she even knew where Nicole and Sydney were.  There’s something very fishy here.  Maybe it’s revenge against Stefano for his treatment of Tony but what would her ultimate goal be?  Does she expect to keep Sydney? 

    I don’t think Kate has anything to do with it.  If she does, I’m definitely going to put my foot through my TV because she’s just done way too much harm in Salem as it is.  Who else has an interest in kidnapping Sydney?


    as to what was going on with Nicole, E.J., Sydney, or anyone else in Salem unless she had been informed.  No way she is doing any of this on her own.  No, she is in cahoots with someone, and the interesting part to me is who that someone will be.  In any event, I’m glad to see Leanne return.  I always liked Anna.


    They show Stefano calling her and talking to Anna I think. I just wonder why she would help Stefano since I thought she hated him for separating her and Tony.


    From what I’ve read, it’s not Stefano. I thought she was working with EJ, but I’m not too sure about that either.


    I have never really liked Anna. And, frankly, IMO, this SL has enough twists and turns without bringing back someone random. It would have been interesting if EJ did this all himself – to disgrace Stephano – but regardless, he wouldn’t need random Anna.

    I read somewhere that she might/might now have a longer term role. Leanne is wonderful but I don’t think that we need to add Anna to the mix.


    I think EJ is the mastermind. I think he is doing this to get Sami. But I don’t get why Anna is helping him.


    THIS IS A LONG SHOT, BUT…[a few possibilities]

    -What if TONY isn’t dead after all, and he’s the one who put Anna up to do it?

    -What if Lexi is the mastermind behind it all?

    -What if Victor is the mastermind behind it all?

    …Oh geez! I’m just so jumpy to find out WHO is behind it all. I just can’t see Anna having any GOOD REASON to want to kidnap the baby. Someone must’ve instructed her to do so. And just as another person said, in one of the DOOL episodes, it did show Anna talking on the phone with, who seemed to be Stefano — since the camera went from showing him calling someone on the phone, and the next scene showing her picking up the phone and talking. Maybe the writers are just trying to fool us into thinking Stefano’s behind it via that those scenes? Maybe Anna was talking to someone totally different.

    …What if Stefano’s is far sicker than Salemites ever thought?! What if he has multiple personality disorders (like Jim Carey’s character in "Me, Myself and Irene")?! Maybe it truly is him behind it all, but whenever he’s in his right mind, he doesn’t recall having any part in it?


    Maybe Stefano put a chip in Anna’s brain before she left and he is controlling her.  Or, EJ did it.


    I think the writers actually have people stumped this time!  Stephano and EJ are way to ovbious!!  Beats the heck out of me who it is


     she could eventually use Sydney as a bargaining chip to get out of her marriage to Stefano.  I just don’t remember Anna and Kate being friends.   

    The better one would be to have it be Tony out to get revenge on both Stefano and EJ.   

    Ms. Jake

    Just maybe….Anna was on bussiness in Chicago…read about the kidnapping of Sydney…didn’t reconize Nicole. because of the wig…and suspected this woman as the kidnapper! So…she wacked her on the head, took Sydney…and now is planning to be the one who found the baby, and waiting for the reward to be posted!


    Hi everyone, I’m new to the board but have only been watching the show for about a year now. 

    I can honestly say I have NO idea who took Sydney!  I am really not familiar with Anna tho.  Would someone mind filling me in?  I know she was married to Tony.

    My mom (got me hooked on the show!) told me that Tony has come back from the dead once before.  Maybe he has again?


    Carol J

    I posted this the other day in a different thread. As usual Jade and I are in agreement.


    EJ may have dreamed this all up – but when?  Did he find Nicki before she got to the bus station?  And he professed loving Nicole just a couple of weeks ago, granted he has always had a thing for Samanath Jean but until EJ found out about Nicole’s treachery, he was still loving her.  Anna – I can’t fathom her connection to EJ unless he really blames Stefano for Tony’s demise and that’s why Anna would be helping EJ.

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