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    What the hell is going on with Nicole. No wonder Chloe got custody of Holly, twice, once when Deimos was around her & when Kristen’s Nicole teamed up with Ted & Xander to fake Holly’s death, so Eric would be finding both mother & daughter. This Nicole is worse than Mommy Dearest’s portrayal of Joan Crawford, explain to me as to why she doesn’t care at all that her daughter has wrapped her around her little finger, & sneaking behind her back allowing Tate to push her skirt up over her head, I know that Holly is not a mother, but still, she knew what it did to her mother when she lost her child & yet, she was loving to put her mother through the attempted loss of her first born, so to speak. This Tate is the worst Tate I have ever seen, the original Tate was treated as shit because of Holly’s actions & this Tate doesn’t even give a shit about all he cares is about sexing her up & now Holly’s study-partner has eyes on Tate. Do you really think that we need to see Tate’s Alex having another three-way with Holly & her study=partner, yet again? It didn’t stop this show in playing up the Alex, Allie & Chanel three-way, now did it? Can you imagine what would happen if Brady, Nicole & Theresa get wind of this: 10.00 on the richter scale, don’t you think?

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