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    When Days was still on the network. When they played up everyone believing that Will had killed his mom, so to speak, i.e. Adrienne. I didn’t read then that there was a fan event that Judi Evans had appeared at, when her scenes with Massey was as Adrienne’s ghost. So I can’t see that Remington was at a fan event playing up Li being alive, if it’s possible that Li’s ghost haunts Gabi, given that Adrienne haunting Will didn’t have Judy being at a fan event, right? Even if Li is alive it would make no difference, because the perception of who killed him would leave The DeMiras without a family business, so why would Kristen & Stefan risk losing the family business by playing up Li being alive, given what would matter to Li Sr. is the perception as to who his son’s killer being released. So it a wise move to play up Li Jr being alive, getting Gabi vindicated if it may have the DeMiras to lose their business, given the siblings DeMira freed the so-called killer of Li Sr’s son. Right?

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