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     I am absolutely LOVING EJ and Nicole now!  I really HATE that they are throwing Taylor in the mix now!!!!!!  ARGH! I didnt enjoy them as much today.  it’s weird.  


    I wish we could complain about it enough for them to keep Taylor away from EJ. Unfortunately, I don’t think the writers work that way.


    Why do the writers insist on putting a couple together – just to rip them apart.  Granted, we all know that EJ and Nicole’s "marriage" was suppose to be a "business" arrangement – each of them getting something in return from each other…but they have great chemistry together and they compliment each other.   They both know they are far from perfect, but it could have worked. 


    Now throwing this Taylor in between them – just ho-hum same ol’, same ol’ story line only with different faces.


    I’m loving the wedding.  They are such good looking people, I can’t help but enjoy it.  Although, Taylor’s fainting was a little over the top.


    I Started liking them, when E.J started playing the romance game, when he turned on his charisma n Grabbed Nicole n layed that big kiss on her. I am Loving them Also. CAN NOT STAND Taylor!!! something with her mouth and the certain way when she speaks with a woosh sound……sorry but its weird..n annoying. The flashback is annoying how many times they have to show us?


    but fainting at weddings is very common.  Apparently it’s because of standing still, locking one’s knees, and/or being warm.  I’ve been at a couple of weddings when a member of the wedding party fainted…one was the groom!

    But it was stupid, nontheless.


     I was laughing when she fainted.   And all because she saw EJ.   Please, she saw EJ twice before and now is fainting over him?  So ridiculous.


    was painted on her – (she looked great in the dress) but what woman gets "the vapors" (like they called it in the Victorian era) over a guy and faints?  GMAFriggin’B!!! 


    I thought it was very apripo to have this particular wedding so near the bar area (and I laughed my a- – off at what Katie said to the bartender about being MVP) – all those people at the Kiriakis and DeMansion drink like fishes!  Did you see EJ knocking them back before they left for the wedding?  I’m surprised he could tell the difference between Nicole and Taylor – or wasn’t seeing them in triplicate!  LOL!


     was laughable.  What were Kate’s words ….. oh, yeah ….. "wedding interuptus."  LOL  First off, the groom and the best man were facing the minister instead of the normal way, standing facing the congregation, or in this case, the 8-10 people we knew; otherwise he would have seen Taylor walking down the aisle.  Certainly, it was done for the element of surprise of E.J. and Taylor seeing one another.  (They looked like they were taking a pee instead of watching the maid of honor and bride’s approach).  Then, Kate having a cocktail while sitting in her chair during the ceremony looking like all she was thinking was "when will this be over", and then, of course, Johnny’s exclamation to Chad …. "where did Nono go?" ….. followed by the father of the groom leaving to take care of some criminal business, then, of course, Nicole stopping the wedding if only to interrupt the gaze between E.J. and Taylor.  Honestly, the whole thing was a farce.  The best line of all in the wedding was when Johnny told Chad that his daddy was punking him when E.J. asked if he had the rings and Chad was dumbfounded knowing he didn’t have them.  Now, that was funny.  Take the hint Nicole.  How many times was your wedding interrupted.  Oh, yeah, 3 times, and you know what they say about three strikes, don’t you?


    I’d faint too, if I saw that hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin’ man! Oooh weeee!

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