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    If there is news or gossip that Marcie Miller was approached to come back & that she’s willing to come back as Abigail, then you don’t bring on AM’s Marin because if MM is willing to come back there’s no need for Marin, right? Or will they have AM playing Marin & that Marin was the identity that the WRP had given her & gave her a new face & with how it was Clyde that had killed Abigail, what better way to protect Abigail is by having AM playing Marin, because isn’t that what OLTL had done. Barbara Parkins playing Victor Lord Jr. & Todd Manning’s mother, she kept Todd Manning & gave his twin brother a new face i.e. Trevor St. John playing Victor Lord Jr. then when OLTL ended it turned out that Vic Jr had been abducted by Allison Perkins. So is there a chance that they have AM playing Marin & she plays up everything Abigail to Lucas, given that it was her story on Sami’s abduction that Lucas had done, so that way when they play up the story of Clyde coming back, they can finally take him down for good this time, then we get to see AM’s Marin taking off her face to show MM’s Abigail, showing that she’s alive?

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