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    The island that Vivian and Gus were on must have been in the middle of the Salem River.  First we see Victor showing Maggie the "rescue" and the next thing they are walking in the door.  Either that or that was some FAST helicopter.

    I really wish they would have left them there longer.  That had a lot of potential with Gus getting bare chested and Vivian’s clothes getting in tatters, trying to light a fire ala Castaway and making do with their cavier and Champagne.


     to TPTB, when people get from place to place, some half-way around the globe, in the blink of an eye.  The map Brady showed to Kate indicated that island was so remote, it wasn’t even named.  Yet, they got Brady there via helicopter, then returned Vivian and Gus to Salem (where did he drop Gus off, anyway), all in the same day.  It’s beyond belief, but something we should all be used to by now.  I agree about Gus — he’s starting to look sorta’ cute to me.  But I will never, ever understand his affection for Madam Alamain, although he was starting to give her a dose of herself.  However, that would be one age difference I couldn’t live with.  He could be her grandson.


    traveling – you can be in Europe the second you step on a plane.  I would have liked (as mentioned before) that Ivan rescue Viv.  I’m just happy that Victor is finally free of her.  Take Viv in a different direction instead of all this weird plotting and planning she does.  Maybe, Chloe will wreak havoc on her as well, as she blames Vivian for setting in motion all of Chloe’s current hell, (at least this time anyway).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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