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    they can join together to possess the Salem Brain!  I really thought Brady had the Brain the other day at the police station when Troy was looking at EJ while ratting out Ari.  The light bulb seemed to come on, and he even questioned EJ about why.  I was so excited, "He’s got it!  He’s got it! He’s….Oh, well. That train of thought just derailed!"  He just couldn’t put 2 & 2 together!  And then Ari today picking up the phone with Anna on the line.  Maybe if they get together and compare notes they can get out all their fingers and toes and add it all up! 


    is mention that someone named "Anna" called on E.J.’s phone with a strange message, and the right person(s), like Brady or Sami, would get an immediate clue, but E.J. covered it so well with another of his lies that it will probably never be another thought given to it.  Too bad, because what would otherwise be an important clue will just be covered up again with a bold-faced lie. (tsk-tsk)!


    I thought his lie was an excellent one and very plausible.  But what I couldn’t believe was Arianna saying she thought there was more to it than that.  I mean, come on, why would she think that.  Yes, WE would but she certainly shouldn’t.  Not only that, why in the world would she even ask who is Anna?  What business is it of her’s who’s calling him?


    Like you said Bonbon, why-oh-why would she even asked EJ about Anna.  However, with a lot of speculation on how the writers would have a reason for even having Arianna asked and are playing with this question (no spoiler):  Now Arianna can mention the conversation in passing to Brady,  Brady will go visit or see Nicole in jail, Brady will casually remark to Nicole….Nicole will have an epiphiny and remember "the voice" with the high heel boots and voila!  We’ll be finally on to the next big story line…thank goodness.  Well, it could happen…


    as the strange message she left indicating something about bringing chocolates "when it’s safe."  If that doesn’t open the door of suspicion, I don’t know what will.   Plus, E.J.’s meltdown about her answering his phone.  If there was nothing to get so excited about someone calling him,  why go ballistic over her answering his phone, especially when it was identical to her phone and she simply made a mistake thinking her phone was ringing.  No, I don’t think he covered it well at all.


    Yeah, pammydog, that could happen  and should happen   but as us skeptics surmise…. that was only for the ‘hold your breath during commercial’ purpose.  If there’s something the DOOL writers staff could put in the bottom drawer, it would be those supposedly ‘cliff-hanger’s that NEVER are!!

    Y&R doesn’t do that to their viewing audience.  BTW…lovin’ Stephen Nichols as the new Tucker McCall. 


     for talk on Tucker McCall.  I watch both shows and would love to hear other’s opinions.  Hope Jenn doesn’t get upset posting this to your comment.  


    Because I don’t think Ari and Brady are the ones who will figure it out.  Mainly because I think Ari will get closer to EJ before the truth comes out.

    I do think eventually this will come out and someone will say something to Nicole.  But that won’t be until the end Feb/beginning of March when she is back from her leave.  This is all my guessing.

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