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    how long everyone else has been watching the show. 


    19 years as of this June.


    My mom watched it in the 80’s, I was born in 1990. I remember watching it in my summer breaks from school. In fact my earliest memory is Marlena being possessed because that really scared me, being 4-5 at that time. Now I’m in college and I live at home so we tape (yes we still use tapes) the show everyday.


    My mom watched from the beginning.  It was Days and As the World Turns.  I started watching with her when Mickey and Laura were still married.  Marie wasn’t a nun and at that time Addie was gone and Jilie was being raised by Gram and Grandpa. 

    There were no Brady’s or DiMera’s.  The scandle was Bill raped Laura and Mike didn’t belong to Mickey only nobody knew except Bill, Laura and Tom and the viewers.  Things like that were mentioned then sat on the back burner to be resolved years later but they weren’t the focus of every episode for months. 

    Those were the "good ol’ Days"




    I think I started watching around 1973, then took many years off, and came back in 89 after my daughter was born and I was home on maternity leave.  Certainly by then everyone had VCRs so I started taping it and have watched faithfully since then. 


    I started watching back in the mid "60’s.  I’m probably a lot older than most of you are.  I loved the show back then and I was a huge fan of Bo and Hope.  I couldn’t stand to watch when Carly came on and Bo fell for her.  So i quit watching for a time.  When the writers started the DiMeara stupidity, I quit again.  I taped it for several years when I was working.  I am retired now, and I still   tape it and watch it at night.  I look at Bo now and I wonder why I was so crazy about him.  He  has lost so much of his appeal.


    or so I would like to claim!  My mom started watching from the shows beginning in ’65. I was only 2 1/2. I remember Julie being very young and having David as a baby.  I started really paying attention to Days in the mid-70’s, so Julie, Doug, Maggie and Mickey are still my favorite characters.


     when Roman first appeared to protect Marlena.  I had a friend that was addicted to the story and had to work when it was on so I started to watch and got hooked.  I still tape although Soap Net has really helped.  I used to get very frustrated when the local network would interrupt for some ‘breaking story’. Funny thing is that now that Soap Net is available, it seems that they don’t interrupt the show nearly as much as they used to!  Maybe it’s not as much fun for them to annoy the daytime fans? 




    My mom watched from the beginning.  She had to leave for her Senior Citizen meeting before it was over so asked me to watch and tell her what happened.  But I wasn’t hooked until 1969 when I was in the hospital with back surgery.  I liked watching the game shows and Days came on right after them, so, rather than get up and change the channel (no remotes in those days), I kept watching the soaps.  First Days and then The Doctors, and, the rest they say is history.  The addiction was permanently set.

    I missed a few years before the dawn of VCRs but not very many.

    I’m like you, Shadow, retired but I still record it and watch it later to skip the commercials.  And I’m probably older than you too.  Just endured my 70th birthday.


    I remember falling absolutley head over heels for Bo and that motorcycle.  I can still see him riding along that ‘mountain’ road with "I’m Holding Out For a Hero" playing in the background.  Do you remember ‘Tonight..I Celebrate My Love"…his and Hope’s ‘song’.  I will still take him off Hope’s hands if she doesn’t want him!!!


    That’s about when I started watching too – I remember Wayne’s Roman being so stubborn and sleeping in the living room in a sleeping bag to protect Marlena despite her protests!

    I’ve quit watching here and there over the years but it’s like an addiction – I keep coming back!




     I think it was when she was being forced to marry Larry Welch.  There was a guy who smoked cigars and he put on Hope’s bridal outfit (not that Larry shouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between Hope and that guy! lol) with the veil over his face.  I think his name was Howie?

    There was Bope in New Orleans chasing the prism?  And, London when they got married. Loved the Justin/Adrienne wedding on location in Greece.  Those were the days of real ‘location’ shots.  So sad that everything is computer generated in the studio these days. 



    I was 4 when I started watching with my mom. I will be 47 tomorrow, so I guess that’s 43 years–OMG! Thank you DeeLan and Shadow for making me not the only one that’s been with Days since the beginning.


    Like many of you I started watching with my mom when it first came on.  I remember setting in front of the old black & white watching Mrs. H and all the family…..I’ve tried to give it up many times but I just can’t.  I LOVE Days and all of it’s characters…..the writers on the other hand make me really angry at times…

    I’ll be 50 in 9 days…..dang….time flies.


    I started watching DOOL just a couple of weeks after it first aired.  Back then, soaps were either 15 minutes or 30 minutes long.  My favorite super couple was always Doug & Julie.  I’m now 67.

    Bos Mom

    1965 and had to fight my kids the next summer, as Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, with all the blonds was on opposite.  Before VCR missed a lot working, but never quit watching.

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