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    Bos Mom

    PS  I might quit, if they truly break up Bo and Hope.


    I just celebrated my 44th birthday on Dec. 27th…and honestly can’t tell you when I started watching—ever since I can remember! I skipped school to watch Bo and Hope’s wedding and got grounded.  I have often said I was going to quit…if they broke up Bo and Hope, if Marlena died, if Isabella died, and on and on. Truthfully, I don’t think I can NOT watch.  It’s my only addicition!


     I started watching "soaps" before my daugher was born in 1960. In those days most new wifes didn’t work, so, I started on the soaps as I didn’t have a car to use. Then when "Days" started I started right along with it. Like some of you, I missed a few when I went to work and no one had heard of a VCR!!! I will turn 70 in April–who knows what happened to all those years—gone with the wind, as the saying goes.

    Safe New Year to all


    Been watching since mid-60s. Enjoyed Maggie/Mickey when she was paraylzed and Mickey had amnesia.
    Anyone remember the Doctors where Alec Baldwin and Kathleen Turner got their start?


    I started watching in the heyday of Patch and Kayla, not long after all the early Bo and Hope stuff.


    Was in the summer of 1988 and was Patch & Kayla’s wedding on the boat.  I wasn’t able to tape it while I was in school from Sept to June, but I watched on breaks and kept up via reading magazines.  Then from the summer of 89 on I was able to tape it, so I watched from that point on full time.

    I was 12 in the summer of ’88 and none of my family watched it religously.  But my mom loved soap weddings and therefore ended up watching it.  I believe Justin & Adrienne were on some other scenes and I got interested in their SL that day.


    I hated Bush because he would always interupt my soap – lol  I think it was the cruise of deception SL and he interupted it once.  Funny how that shaped my political views when I was a child, or sad?


    The look of love is in your eyes, the look that love can’t disguise.   There’s always flowers on the tables at Doug’s Place.  Roberto will be your server today!   


    was broken hearted that Susan was interferring in her romance with David.  When Alice was dishing out advice to her kids.  Bill was interested in Laura, the new psychiatrist at the hospital. [Late 1966]

    Being a stay-at-home mom, over the years I watched so many actors switch from one soap to another.   John Aniston (Search for Tomorrow) was one of my favorite actors.  I hated it when Denise Alexander (Susie) went to GH, when Susan Flannery (Laura) left for another soap, when Patty Weaver (Trish) left to sing on Y&R.  I hated how Tommy & Sandy Horton were scripted out of the show.   I always hated the character of Alex Marshall … never could cotton to the like of that devious fellow.  Loved Liz Chandler & Neil Curtis and Doug & Julie.



    Not trying to be a downer–this is a good memory for me. My dad had cancer and Steve and Kayla’s wedding took place just a couple of days before my dad passed away. He wasn’t all in his right mind at the time, but I remember there was a scene where Kayla said she couldn’t marry Steve, and my dad said they better get married he just bought 20 pounds of cabbage for the wedding. It was funny at the moment and probably one of the last things my dad said. He never watched Days, but he was paying attention that day.


    Pre-VCR’s, you had to depend on someone who was home to keep you updated on what was happening.  Although, our local newspaper did a weekly summary of what happened on all the soaps, so that helped a little.  Our son was born in September of 1979 and I stayed home from August of that year until the late spring of 1980.  I loved being able to watch it everyday!  The theme song still takes me back immediately to our son in my arms in the rocking chair after he had eaten his lunch and just before I put him down for his nap.  After 30 years, it still brings back that special time in our lives!


    I cant remember exactly when I started watching, but like many of you I started watching becuase my mom watched it, she no longer is addicted to it but I still am!  I remember Nick and that gang, I think Eve was in that bunch too, I think I also remember watching when Kimberly was struggling between her 2 personalities, wasnt one a hooker? I think her and Shane were broken up then. I was definetly watching when Marlena was possessed. I cant remember what story came first. But I’ve been watching a long time.


    I was young, and my Mom watched since day one.  I was 4 I think.   So basically since day one.  I LOVED Shane and Kimberly, Patch and Kayla, Mickey and Maggie,  Jack and Jennifer, even Jennifer and Frankie and of course Roman and Marlena.  But nothing can top the love story of Bo and Hope in my mind.  I am so upset with what they are doing to them! 


    I had an older friend who was housebound and I would visit once or week or so on my day off and watch Days with her and she would give me the back stories. Doug had his night club, and I think Robert did the music. I think that was when Don had a wild niece, he was married to Marlena. Then I switched to a weekday job and had to rely on my friend for updates.  I bought my first VCR in the 80’s just to tape Days


    I don’t think that was Don Craig’s niece, it was his daughter from a previous marriage. 

    I loved the story if Doug, Robert and I think her name was Rebecca, Doug’s housekeeper or nanny for Hope.   I ofter wonder what happened to little Dougie and if Doug ever found out that was his son.  

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