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    And you know what I like best about it?  All the memories it brings back when each individual tells what was happening when they first started watching.


    I love how we all got started watching – each of us has a unique story, our moms or other family and friends were watching and got us started is my favorite – like sharing a family treasure over the years.  I wonder how many teachers ever found out how many of us skipped a class or two to run home to watch! ;)


    Wondering how many teachers wanted to do the same?


    I’m 41 and I started watching when I was a child.  The first memories I have are of Marlena being married to Don.  Doug had the night club and one of the actors from Hogan’s Heroes was on there. Think his name was Robert or something.  Gloria Loring was on as Liz.  And of course Tom and Alice were there. Remember when Roman came to guard Marlena after her sister was killed.


    I have watched for quite a while, but I’m not sure exactly how long.  I have taken breaks along the way because I get so upset or disappointed with the story line.  I was heartbroken when Isabella died and left John and Brady.

    i stopped watching in the mid 90s for a couple of years while I was watching my little grand daughter;  I didn’t think some of the episodes were appropriate for a young child to see.  Anyway, I couldn’t stay away too long, and I always came back, so I guess I am here to stay.  

    I love being able to share thoughts, concerns, worries, and plots with other board members.



    I was just a child and would be with my Grandmother in the afternoons since my mom worked. We lived on a farm so the early morning was spent working the fields and then from noon to about 2 or 3 PM, we would come inside to wait out the heat of the day and Granny would watch her stories as she called them. The Doctors, then that brand new soap called Days of Our LIves and then another one that I can’t remember, maybe As the world turns or some such.

    I have been with the Horton Clan since day one. I’m 52 now. The last several years with all the problems with the Powers that Be make me sad. It seems sometimes like they are deliberately trying to kill this program.

    Things that made a real impression on me over the years: Hanging of the Horton Family ornaments, the "death" of Roman when he went over the cliff, Eve who was Shane’s kid and was working to break up he and Kim, and anything that Alice Horton ever said! Loved the Bo and Hope story, Patch and Kayla, Doc and John, Maggie and Micky (remember when Maggie couldn’t walk and Micky had amnesia?) and so many more. Loved Vivian but didn’t like the whole "new" Bo and Carly stories; however was pleased that it was a different actor playing Bo since it made it easier to not see him as the "real’ Bo.

    My goodness so many memories and all from a single TV show. LOL


    II have been watching since 1975.  So 35 years for me.


    I started watching the summer of 1966 since I had graduated high school and did not have a job. Then I actually did not watch again until 1975 when I was unemployed and my husband and I had moved to a new town. So amazingly I have never stopped watching daily since then. I was also lucky enough to get to tour the NBC studios and got to walk on the set of the Salem Place area outside which was actually a Rome set at the time. I toured the whole building but guests are not allowed on the Days set. I remember there was a monitor set up so I could see and hear Marlena and Kristen talking from that room where they were away from everyone. Yes Days has certainly been a great part of my life and I sure hope it stays on the air like always.


    My mom watched Days for years, and I started watching it with her. I think I started watching sometime in the late 1980’s. Now you’ve got to realize, I was born in 1979 so I was really young!


    I am 53 and can remember watching it when the show was only a half an hour long with my mom.  I remember, I think this was what happened, Addy being run down while she was pushing Hope’s stroller, LOL.

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