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    Days continues to make an ass of itself and its writers.  It doesn’t take a cockroach, with or without a law degree, to know that juvenile records cannot be introduced into court once the defendant is beyond the age of 18, and if those records were sealed, there is no way a bimbo wannabe reporter like Nicole Walker could have gained access to them in the first place, and top-cop/detective Hope Brady should have definitely known that fact.  Also, to throw a little more gasoline onto the Ariana bonfire, Hope should have made Nicole aware of THE LAW.  Capping off this blatant disregard for Ariana’s rights, our little addicted pill-popping mugger dressed in cop’s clothing should never have allowed the record to be read in front of Brady or anyone else.  Just another case in point of how badly this show, and all soaps for that matter, needs a paralegal or perhaps one or two writers with at least the good sense to hire a high-school graduate with a desire to enter pre-law before said writer(s) can loudly proclaim:  "I, TOO, AM NOT SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER."  I only hope that E.J. does become Ari’s lawyer and breaks this down for someone; if not for Ariana, then certainly for Hope’s and perhaps the D.A.’s awareness.   I would then love to see this as the beginning of the relationship which I’m sure will develop between E.J. and Ariana, which I anticipate will be the end of Ari and Brady and the beginning of a couple I have been wanting to see together for quite some time now.


    because I don’t like either character.  However, anything to get between Sami and EJ would work for me.  As for Brady and Arianna, anything that would change their dialogue would be a relief.  They have been saying the same lines forever!  Although that’s pretty much a Days habit for most couples…sad to say.


    I was thinking the same thing yesterday as I was watching Hope and Nicole do things that would NEVER be allowed at a police station. I know this show isn’t real, but how hard would it be to make it like real life at least SOME of the time? The cops and mayor (Abe) discuss all kinds of confidential matters in front of anyone nearby!


    All Salem cops are bumbling idiots, it’s not just a joke with us but they actually refer to it on the show all the time.  Nicole would never get access to that file and it would never be admissable in court.  Also, who cares if the flashlight has Ari’s prints on it!  It has none of Roman’s DNA on it.  It wasn’t the weapon Hope used to conk him over the head.  That was a gun!  None of their evidence proves anything.  This whole thing is beyond stupid.  FF button is getting activated big time on this one.


    You are mostly right about juvenile records being sealed but that is rapidly changing.  As of now, 21 states will allow the admission of a juvenile record to be brought out in serious cases.  Is serial mugging a serious case?  Who knows.

    But you’re absolutely right about Hope revealing Ari’s record to Brady.  That alone could be an excellent basis for a good attorney (EJ?) to get the entire case thrown out.  And that just may be what happens.  Although Hope is supposedly such a good cop, she should know better.


    The writer’s are once again not doing any research – all they are doing is sitting around the table and saying "oooooooohhhh – listen to this one – I’ve got a premise for what happens" and the rest of the writer’s just go along without any verification of what is actually factual or true in real life!  "Twilight Zone" was more reality based than Day’s is at times!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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