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    Finally….I was beginning to think everything was going to be at Maggies…So glad to see her house….

    Everyone should be at Alices….JMO


    to remember exactly how Alice’s house looked; it has been such a long time.   I also think it would be great if everyone could be gathered at Alice’s; it would make it seem more realistic. 



     I realize it’s the plot, but in the real world, wouldn’t Marie have gone straight to her mothers house instead of Julie’s? I thought that was odd. I’d have gone straight to see my mother if she were slipping as fast as they are making it out. Not my sister in law.


    I’d assume that Alice has home care nurses or hospice or something although they haven’t mentioned it.

    They never mentioned if the house is still being used as the Horton Center (but I doubt it – it didn’t look ‘institutionalized’ like it did in recent years when it *was* the Horton Center).

    My guess is that everyone coming in from out of town will be staying at Maggie’s, and as such, they’d go there first to drop off their luggage, freshen up, and get caught up on Alice’s condition etc., before going over there to visit her.

    At least that’s what makes the most sense to me.



     accommodate all the relatives plus the regular boarders?  lol Let’s see Melanie/Philip, Doug/Julie?, the waif/Grace’s mother- she’s still there, isn’t she?  That house must have expandable guest rooms! 

    It reminds me of when Jen & Abby were staying in Kate’s old house (a cottage), the next thing you know, Mike, Laura, and Jack moved in and they all had their own rooms.  It was originally a one bedroom tiny cottage when Kate stayed there.  ::::shakes head::::


    I remember Doug and Julie had their own place, it might have been an apartment because when Hope first left Bo she was going to stay at Doug and Julie’s since they were staying at Alice’s while she was out of town. 

    When Hope went to Alice’s yesterday she called out for Julie so I’m thinking Julie might be staying there.  I’m sure the house still has all the bedrooms that Bill, Mickey, Marie and the rest had when they were living there.  Seems like they’d just go back to their old bedrooms. 


    that had a bedroom for awhile, then it was a studio type living/bedroom/kitchen combo – from what I can recall…


     Marlena was there with the original Roman and there was at least one bedroom if not two.  


    to see Alice’s house as it was originally.  Does that mean it’s been there all the time or did they reconstruct it?  And I recognized it immediately.  It seems to be a rather large set to have left just sitting there taking up space.

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