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    all those on the laptop spouting “done.” How could they all (like Mel) have access to the paternity results when Ian had to hack his way in?
    Or is the “done” supposed to mean something not related?


    Who knows,  to make us wonder who really changed the results besides Stephanie?  and now all we know is that she didnt do it!!


    the paternity tests…heaven forbid in Salem there is such a thing as firewalls in a hospital or ethics.


    I’m thinking the incompetent nurse at St. Mary’s input the incorrect information in the first place. Someone reviewed it and corrected the info. NOW there are people who think that Phil is the real father but really and truly Daniel is.  Wouldn’t that be fun, for a woman in salem to have a baby and the daddy is really the daddy?


    I love your take on it.  I hope that’s where it goes.  It will eventually come out about the affair and question of paternity and Daniel will leave Chloe then of course.  But I like the road to get there a lot better.


    Didn’t we have that SL when Hope thought the baby she was carrying was Patrick’s and it turned out to be Bo’s?


    I FFd all the scenes today with them in it, hoping I could just come here and find out what happened without wasting the time actually watching their incessant conversations about it.  Do Mel and Daniel know what happened or something?  Why else would they be checking the paternity thing?


    I think whoever changed it was none of the ones shown on screen.  They just played it that way to give us another "who done it’ story.


     would they have had an "incompetent person" there?  But if I remember correctly there were 2 patients with similar names but only Chloe had a paternity test, what could the other person have had tests for?  Then, positive or negative to which guy?  I didn’t think Philip donated!   So a positive would be the desired outcome, not a negative.  Could Daniel have actually learned or guessed the truth and he fixed it to make the baby his?  Or Carly could have to be sure Daniel is happy.  Or Philip to be sure things don’t screw up his marriage.  

    Hmmm, so many choices!


    Why can’t the writers come up with something original for a change.  How many times has the "who’s the daddy" and "change the paternity test" storylines been done!!!  I guess we are suppose to forget how much trouble Phillip has had with getting someone pregnant!!!  Well, he did seem to grow his leg back, so I guess he can have children now!


    Pocket, his first born…with seemingly no regrets…I would think Victor would have chewed on him a bit seeing how Victor is almost like Stephano when it comes to family ties…


     for quite some time, I now fast-forward:

    Philip and Melanie

    Daniel and Chloe

    Stefanie and Nathan

    Everything else is bearable for now — I’m ready to get into Chad being Stefano’s son and finally get these losers above off my screen.  This has to be the only soap right now that has EVERY woman written as a pathetic manipulative loser willing to lie, cheat, steal or anything else to keep a man who obviously does not belong with her; and also has EVERY man right up there with the brain of the monkey sent into space; however, they are probably not even as smart as that monkey cause at least the monkey knew he was being taken for a ride.  Most of the men on DOOL wouldn’t know what in the hell was going on right in front of their eyes if their lives depended upon it.  PITIFUL LOSERS —- MOST IF NOT ALL OF THIS CAST!


    Think we’re all pretty much on board with what you said in your comments – There needs to be a big shake up again in the story lines and character’s lives – without the same ol’, same ol’ repeats of "whose the daddy", or "he’s my man, but I don’t really want him, but you can’t have him" etc., etc. – please writers – give us a break!  If November sweeps don’t get any better with a big story line (like bringing back Marlena and John "HINT-HINT" please) – then after 20 something years being a totally loyal and at times obsessed fan, I will absolutly have to give up.  And believe me – I’ve sat through a lot of just plain yuckie, stupid stories just like all of us have.  I am FFd’ing now so much that only the SP site fills in the details for me…


    In my drug induced mind, this is what I figured.  (I like the idea of the incompetent nurse putting it in wrong in the first place and never thought of that.)

    Carly changed it on the hospital computer so no special knowledged needed there.  Ian hacked into the files and changed it also.  Then Philip’s minion also hacked in and changed it.  Mel being on their website had nothing to do with the results.  And Daniels strange phone calls were about getting the tickets to Carmen.

    But what I can’t figure out is how all three of them could have gotten a negative when someone before them had changed it to positive.


    maybe it was positive to begin with and someone changed it to negative!

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