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    With how Shane had put it out there that he wanted Maggie to have the briefcase & to open it & find the letters & read them, he should have sent the briefcase to her instead of allowing his daughter to rummage through, no matter if he wasn’t thinking or not, no head of an International Spy Organization, would do something like this at all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, his son another Spy in his father’s business, can’t tell a fake from the real thing, i.e. Paul hogtied that led to himself being hogtied & they went there with that, didn’t they? then this, they have Alex fucking Theresa so it can be used as blackmail by Vivian that would have him under her thumb to allow street drugs being funded by Titan & look where that got Brady, when Phillip laundered Vitali Mob Money through Titan, Brady was shot & we need to go there again with this storyline, that allows Vivian to stay when they have put it out there that she’s not staying long at all?

    It’s also reminiscent of what happened to Theo’s shooting when they had learned that Will was alive, thanks to Andre & Vivian stealing from the DeMira Corporation, is what had Kate to send Theo out that night & look what happened that night & we need to go there again with this story?

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