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    None of the younger couples have that ‘wow factor’ to become the next super couple.  I guess that era is over.  It used to Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, etc.  I don’t see anyone stepping up to fill that role.  Sad.


    the least they could do is keep Stefano and Kate together as the anti-super couple.  A lot of soap actors have gained fame as villians and actually become beloved characters.  I think Stef and Kate (State?) could be a gold mine.

    So far they have basically gone their separate ways in their dealings but there’s no reason that couldn’t work together in their evil deeds.


    anymore.  Look at:

    Phillip and Mel…they (writers) were breaking them up before their wedding. 

    You can see the handwriting on the wall for Chloe and Daniel too.

    Nath and Steph – Ha. Ha. 

    Sami and Rafe – no, Sami is one half of that couple so that won’t go anywhere someday soon. 

    Nicole and EJ – they will kill each other. 

    Gabby and Will – too young, we’d have to invest another four years to see. 

    As for the "older" set – I would have loved for Kate and Stefano to stay together – they meshed.  Victor and Maggie is a definite plus and would love to see them get together. Abe and Lexie are just there – together, but just there, in spite of the writers throwing that little scene in this week.  Bo and Hope – yes, they are a super couple, but every 18 months or so, they are torn apart and we have to sit through two years of angst while they find out they are made for each other – they should both take a page from Gram and Tom’s book of forever love!   And gone, gone, gone (heavy sigh) is The Super Couple forever, my beloved J&M…

    Carol J

    Prevuze aptly named them StefanHo.


    Sami and Lucas had the potential to become the next great supercouple but they were destroyed by the stupid vendetta storyline.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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