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    Well, looks like Days is going to start bringing kids back to the show. Rachel is going to be SORASed to a 6 year old. How old will Holly be? How aboutCharlotte, Thomas, Henry, Jewels, and Carver? All the kids are going to come back much older.

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    Gotta love the SORAS stuff. Makes you wonder how those others ages will end up being. Just like how Phillip and Will went from being playpen pals to Phillip being a teenager while Will stayed a child. Or how Phillip became a teenager at the same time Belle did even though Belle was born a few years before. Shawn-Doughlas was de-aged to be the same age as Belle and Phillip even though he was born almost 10 years earlier. Brady became older than them all. Let’s not even go with the most outrageous SORAS ever when E.J. went from being a baby to in his 30s in a few years. Sami had already had Will before E.J. was born if my memory serves me right.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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