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    Carley says to Chloe in yesterdays show,  If Daniel finds out this baby is not his her Chloe and Melanie will lose him!  What the heck does Melanie have to do with any of this?


     Since Melanie is Daniel’s daughter and was not really very fond of Chloe in the beginning – she’d convince Daddy to dump Chloe. It really isn’t because Phil would be the daddy as she doesn’t know that.


    From conversations I got the impression his late wife’s death really had an impact and he sort of retreated for a while.  He gave up on love and now that he’s put his heart out there and says he’s finally opened up to love again if he finds out the one he gave his heart to cheated and lied to him the Daniel everybody knows shut down. 


    really meant anything.  I think it is just another way to needle Chloe with another threat.  Of course Chloe and Philip were wrong to have a sexual romp, but Carly is just a doctor, not the Moral Judge.  She should shut up and but out!!!  I am sick of Carly and her threats.



    She meant they will all "lose" not lose him. I know that Melanie would lose if it came out that Phillip is the father, but Carly doesn’t know that. Maybe she’s just thinking that Melanie and Daniel together would be devastated by Chloe’s infidelity and that Melanie would be upset for her father and lose a possible relationship with Chloe. Who know? These writers don’t seem to know what the characters know and don’t know and then they write dialog based on what the audience knows.


    that Carly would lose both Daniel and Melanie and Chloe would lose Daniel. I assumed she meant they would be so mad that Carly knew and didn’t tell them that she would lose them.


    I actually even listened to any of their dialogue to begin with.  I usually ff’d through anything those two say!


    yeah, that’s pretty much the way i see it.


    I’ll say first off, that there have been times where seeing Chloe on my screen just made me want to puke.  I hated her THAT much.  That being said though, I’m beginning to feel sorry for her.  She made a mistake.  A big one, of course, but Vivian lead her to believe that Daniel was cheating on her with Carly.  She made a rash decision and slept with someone.  It was wrong, I’m not justifying it.  But, Carly?  Seriously?  Where does she get off making ANY calls about what should happen here?  To constantly threaten Chloe and to turn up at every corner to remind her of the mistake she made?  She married a man who raped her best friend.  Killed that man.  Then, moved into Bo’s house and shacked up with him, coming between a 25 yr marriage!  And, she hasn’t apologized for any of it.  In fact, everyone seems to think she’s wonderful.  I don’t get it.  She is not qualified to be the morality police and I swear, if I have to see Carly and Chloe talk about this stupid crap one more time, I’m going to lose my mind!  Chloe obviously loves Daniel with everything she has, so let it go and move on.  Carly needs to butt out and get a life.  Chloe just needs to work on things with Daniel without the threats and interferance.


    with Daniel – so in my mind she is a serial cheater, I’m not feeling sorry for her…it may have been a mistake between her and Phillip but she seems to be more worried about being caught instead of what Daniel’s feeling would be if and when he finds out. 

    I do agree that Carly needs to put up or shut up – the endless same conversation between those two for months now is the writer’s fault because they won’t move past this or else it’s beyond their writing capabilities, if it’s is the latter then they should seek a gig writing jingles elsewhere. 


    I feel her biggest concern about getting caught IS because of how Danile will feel if he found out. 

    And, someone clear something up for me.  Several people have mentioned that Chloe cheated on Lucas but I don’t remember her ‘sleeping’ with Daniel.  Yes, yes, I know you don’t have to sleep with someone to be unfaithful but did she actually have sex with Daniel before she left Lucas?  I remember it as holding off until she had talked to Lucas, even consulting with Father Waite about it.  Is my memory really that faulty?



    I cant remember totally, but i think they did sleep together when chloe and Lucas were married, but then Chloe put a halt to it for some reason, and was "faithful" to lucas until they were annulled or something like that.

    I feel sorta sorry for her to….to a point. Just because maybe Carly is the one threatenin her where she has no business doing so!   Absoutely agree that she has no room so ever to be the morality police!! Has Chloe ever mentioned this to Carly? I know she mentioned killing Lawerence but how about having an affair with Bo?   an ongoing affair at that !!!!


     Kate tried to kill Chloe- she was cheating on Lucas with Daniel? And then Kate tried to off Daniel.  You don’t cheat on Kate’s kids without having to pay! lol


     about losing Melanie right now than she is Daniel.  She is so grateful to have Melanie in her life and she knows that if Mel and Daniel learn that Carly knew all along that Chloe cheated on Daniel, regardless of how innocent that affair was, she (Carly) will definitely lose the love and trust of Melanie.  That, plus the paternity issue, cuz if this is Phillip’s baby, that will destroy more than just Chloe and Daniel’s relationship.  So Carly’s concern might be justified, but not for the reasons she’s giving Chloe.


    Chloe slept with Daniel at the DiMera mansion during her engagement party with Lucas.  Remember she had the sexy green dress that she couldn’t zip and Daniel helped her and then ripped it off?  It was insane that you would do that when Lucas could walk in at any moment.

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