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     shake ups.  It seems the show tanked in July so they are changing things.  I guess they didn’t get that the audience leaving might have to do with Carly and other boring stories? KC said that the NBC website got a big lift in audience so people are watching it more on the web than on the TV.   

    To me, watching only a few characters over and over say the same stuff gets boring.  I do not like Carly and she’s been on every day.  Between that and the Madeline story that seemed to go nowhere/Chloe sex with Philip etc.  

    $$$$$$ Stefanie will be the one to find out about Chloe/Phil sex. But, she doesn’t want to have Phil be the daddy as Melanie might take Nathan away from her. So, the stuff she pulls will be similar to Sami way back when.  Rafe is supposed to find out that EJ kidnapped Sydney after Sami gets engaged.  There is supposed to be a story involving Sami/Rafe/Nicole/EJ.  Brady starts drinking again.  



    not understand why viewers are disgusted with the script!?  The majority of the show centered around Daniel talking to a curtain behind which is a "deer in the headlights" Chloe…over and over and over again!  Yesterday’s episode was so well written and acted that I thought I was watching a different show.  Today….forget it!


    sit in front of their computer to watch the show as opposed to sitting in their over stuffed comfy Lazy Boy chairs with their big wide screen, HD, listening to surround sound stereo with DVR to FF through the very boring spots, like you mentioned, (Stephanie’s endlessly woe-is-meeing pity party) television? 

    Maybe I’m out of the loop.  I only catch highlights of the show on the web if there is a cliffhanger and for some stupid reason the news has once again preempted the show at 1:00 p.m. PST to give me some politician’s whiney take on matters of the state or some sports show that should be shown on ESPN instead.  And most of the folks/friends that I know that watch Days do the same.

    I know he is an expert on the show being the creator and all, however, I do wonder how long Ken has been studying the statistics of his findings.  What other outside factors gave the NBC web site a boost and how many times have those ratings peaked due to the outside factors? 

    I can see where the ratings have tanked big time based on the factors you mentiond SW, we all have been bored out of our minds with the repetivness of dialog and story lines.  If, they would archive the show on the web site that Mr. Corday was speaking of, then new people watching the show could get a handle on it, the plot, the characters, the age old question of Sami and all her men ().  This way without having to repeat the show for all of us die-hard fans without making us rant and rave how we’ve seen this scene played out and heard this dialog all a zillion and a half times.


     show imho because if they did, they’d be promoting it when they have a chance!  It’s sad when one of their 4 hour morning show has a guest with a connection to Days or Passions (when it was on their network) but the interviewers don’t even mention the connection!!  Obviously no one there knows or cares anything about the shows on their network other than their own! Plus, the reason the web can get more of an audience might just be because some ‘saucer’ services don’t carry the local channels without an increased fee and/or because the local news seems to think whatever they have to say is more important than a show we are invested in watching.  

    Guess KC should ask the viewers here why the show isn’t doing as well!  PS, I agree about yesterday’s show!


    Stephanie as a villain is not interesting. She is laughable as someone who is evil. She just seems to be pathetic and one dimensional. Having a man is her only goal? Really?

    Maybe people are tired of watching the same dialogue everyday and the same characters. Why is Melanie in every bloody show?


    Ms. Jake

    Whenever the show is prempted the ratings fall. Tennis was on way too much if you ask me.


    I agree about the dishes not carrying NBC.  I have Dish Network and they don’t carry NBC because we don’t have a local affiliate.  I have to pay another company $50 a year for NBC and we only get it for Days.  We live in southeast Alabama and our NBC feed comes from New York.  The company we have to pay has ticked us off the last 2 years and we decided after this year is up we’re not going t renew and I’ll catch it on Soapnet if it’s still around or watch on the internet. 

    Another thought, with so many phones now getting the internet and people who use to watch soaps either working or leading more active lives they’re watching it on their phones on their breaks or at their desks on the computer.  I know so many young people who watch TV and movies on their computer which I think is totally rediculous.  I refuse to pay to watch a 2 or 3 inch screen when I can record and watch on my 42 inch flat screen.  



    I’m going to be comfortable when I watch the show – besides at my age…2 or 3 inch screen (?) I’d need a magnifing glass! 


    When I watch, I want to be in my recliner with my feet up, a dog in my lap, and a nice cold frappaccino in my hand.


    and pure bliss – my kind of retirement gig!


    Boring storylines could be the answer. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…This show needs to connect more people instead of having these very isolated storylines that only involve 2 or 3 characters and never go anywhere.

    Everyone in Salem is connected SOMEHOW and there should be more large plot storylines. Even the nighttime Hope storyline, which had the potential to connect lots of people, never followed through on that. A day or two on each victim and then boom, forgotten.


    Yeah that will make me tune back in. What idiots the same s/ls and characters is not the answer. How about the show actually pays attention to history and stop rewriting old characters to try to make new characters interesting. They could also bring back some much needed vets that I actually enjoy.


    surprise us sometimes! If Rafe acts dumb to what is actually going on, let it suddenly turn out it was a cover and he has the goods on E.J.


    The writers act like we are the dumb ones and have to see characters stumble over clues over and over and still not get it; then finally they over hear a conversation at the peir(or from a closet) and it all becomes clear. Please writers, make us say "I didn’t see that coming!" once in a while so we can look forward to following the action from day to day.  By the way: what ever happened to that dvd that Stef made with all the evidence on it? The last time I saw it, it was mixed in with some papers on a desktop. I thought surely it will fall into William’s hands and the story will get interesting. Dumb me.

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