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     Not once, but twice Eli leaves a crime scene unsecured.

    And how many times has a villain said they killed somebody when they had not? Yet Marlena and John go off the beam when Jan says she killed Belle.

    Oh well, I needed a couple of good laughs today.


     I enjoyed Jan when she had Shawn in a cage years ago – but it was enjoyable b/c they were so young.  This time around it’s ridic.  Like that two week filler SL we had with Orpheus and Clyde would have been better if it was "Who Killed Jan Spears."  This whole thing felt… odd.   

    A – she didn’t have a licence & B – tackle her!!!  Even if she had someone pointing a gun @ Belle they wouldn’t know what to do if they restrained Jan.  RIDIC!!!   I think today was her last episode though so that’s good. 

    Poor D Hall and Drake.  They must roll their eyes when they see these scripts. 

    Also – anyone notice Phillip walks with a limp?  I guess Jay remembers that Phillip lost his leg – at least SOMEONE remembered on the show LOL 

    Side note:  Anyone notice how the actor who plays Charlie very OBVIOUSLY puts his glasses on in some scenes.  Are we supposed to notice that?  Is it a clue to something?  Feels… odd and a little forced.  


     but for me there is nothing funny about what this writing staff has done to DOOL.  It is absolutely, for me anyway, a disgrace to the world of soaps.  I went from being glued to my tv from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to sporadic watching, and no matter the day or time I do tune in, I find myself fast-forwarding more than watching.  I used to get fiercely upset over interruptions where shows are  not on for one reason or another.  Now I just change the channel and welcome a return to reality.   I cannot believe these once revered actors appear to be ‘phoning it in’ because their storylines are so damn ridiculous and, frankly, I don’t know how much longer it’s going to last (or I will) before the network finally decides to pull it.  


    I actually like the new writers when they cam to the show, but they’ve been pretty pathetic for the last year. I liked the time jump, but then it went down hill. I thought with coronavirus they’d have had nearly 6 months to write some really exciting storyline, but no, it’s the same old stories recycled through different characters.  


    Yeah maybe he did remember about Phillip’s prosthetic leg, since the last time they had him on the show with the last actor to play the role, he was shown playing basketball with shorts on and two very real looking legs. lol

    This writing team is one of the worst around, and this guy used to be the head writer for General Hospital, so I would have figured he would be good since they always seem to be credited with having a great writing staff over the years. It’s really pathetic how bad it is.

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