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    Why isn’t Sammi threatening EJ with the proof that he kidnapped Sidney?  Then both of them would go to jail if either revealed anything.  Sammie and Rafe are letting EJ win by not fighting back with the kidnapping thing.  Am I missing something here?  I know EJ said the recording Sammi has would not hold up in court, but should she just take his work for that?  Fight, Sammi, Fight!


    taking his word that the also inadmissable video will put her in jail.

    Why have these people not seen a lawyer? I mean Justin is right there.


    need a lawyer!


    Succeed in killing EJ??? I cannot stand him. Everything about him disgusts me. I really wanted him to die, and the way they brought him back was really pathetic!!! Can’t we get a second shot at killing him off PLEAASSSEEEE?????


     going to be allowed in court! He was with the FBI for goodness sake and I’m sure he was advised on what can/can’t be done or used! Geeesh! 


    I’ve seen this on other posts, lots of discussion on it. Apparently, Nicole’s is not admissible cuz’ she broke into the DiMansion and it is only a recording. Where with Sami’s – she invited Ari into her apt. and it is a video recorded confession given by Sami freely. This is just what I have read, I am not a lawyer or work in the court system.


     Sami still didnt know she was being video taped.  she may have invited Ari in but she didnt invite her to record her without her knowledge. Sami had no idea she was being taped. 


    neither of them would be admissable in court.  Neither of them were gotten knowing they were being recorded nor with their permission.  But…that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it.  Once the police find out that the criminal has admitted to the crime, they have a very strong impetus to continue the investigation until they find the proof they need to take it to court.

    The way I see it, they are both in serious jeopardy (or would be in real life anyway), because of the existance of these tapes.  In fact, Roman knows of the existance of the video so should be pursuing the case full steam ahead.  But, remember, this is Salem.


     but all state laws are not the same.  If the videotape contains proof of a violent crime, it may be admissible, and attempted murder may fall under that category.  However, many states will not allow it if the party being videotaped did not give his/her consent.  Also, many states will not allow it in criminal court, but will allow it in civil court.  In Sami’s case that would be literally like beating a dead horse, because, as we all know, the person who recorded her is now deceased.  However, where E.J. is concerned, if he exposed her confession anywhere else, on the internet, for instance, he could be sued by Sami (I know …. fat chance) if the court disallowed it but he exposed it anyway, say if he made Nicole show it on one of her newscasts, or sent it out across the information highway.  On a totally different subject, how in the hell does Nicole still have a job at Titan anyway?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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