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    I loved the interaction between EJ and Baker yesterday.  The doc had some great lines and come-backs…even with Sami.  I just can’t decide if he’s truly a good guy at heart or a dirty rotten bastard.  I guess he’s kind of like Nicole, a little of each.  Gee, maybe they should pair THEM up together.  If doc lost alittle weight, he’d be a real looker.  But explain this to me…how would EJ ever justify defending him?  I can see his reasoning but it would certainly make for some very suspicious people.

    And I HATE, HATE, HATE that they’ve started Brady drinking again.  For one thing, I don’t believe an addict would go right out in a public place and start pourin’ ’em down.  When someone has tried so hard to keep from drinking for so long, they’d more than likely crawl off somewhere private to do it.  Oh, yeah, nobody would see him if he did that. 

    I also don’t understand why Mel and Ari gave up so easily.  I would have picked up the phone, regardless of what Brady said, and called Maggie right then and there.  They both gave up on him way up too easily IMO.


     ITA!, yesterday had it’s good points and bad points, BUT the one thing that bug the HECK out of me is when Carley just strolls on in to an interview room at the police station,( as did Sami with Baker) to where Bo was talking to Hope. The freakin nerve of her! it’s none of her stinkin business what’s going on with Hope. Talk about rubbing salt in Hopes wounds!!!!


    I know! And, she stood at the open door for a while listening in; the nerve of her and of the police station for allowing it to happen. No wonder people in Salem make fun of the cop shop.


    which is so frustrating about this show. These nuggets show the writers can do it, but so precious little of it.
    I think Baker is one of the bright spots on Days and I dearly hope they keep him. (anyone know of his contract status?)
    As for Brady, he seems to have fallen victim to Days’ simplistic cause and effect universe. That he would break off w/Ari and literally two minutes later decide to take up w/Nicole again and then hit the bottle is tough to swallow. Like he didn’t get it through his thick skull for the umpteenth time that Niki is never to be trusted?


     but E.J., talk about a hypocrite, that snake takes the cake.  It’s a wonder he didn’t choke on those words he was spewing in the doc’s face.  As for the brainless, clueless wonder … the woman just simply cannot help herself, and tone it down Sami, you are so over the top you make my teeth ache.  Oh, my poor darling Rafe, and to think you’re going to join the ranks of the stupid and wind up with this basket case.  Woe is me…..woe is me. As for Brady, I like his bit of a dark side much better than that pathetic puppy he’s been portraying so far.  He’s grown some, and I, for one, think they look damn good on him.  


    I didn’t watch the entire show and read Prevuze, and from reading that I got the impression that EJ struck a deal with Baker that he would say all those things to Sami so that Sami would come to EJ’s defense.  So was Baker trying to tell Sami the truth because he wanted to or because he made a deal with EJ.  Because after Sami went after Baker EJ was smiling to himself like that was the outcome he hoped for.  Does this make sense?  I, too, like Baker.  I think he’s one of the better actors on the show. 


    something about EJ impregnating two women at the same time.  EJ did acknowledge it somewhat with a deer-in-the-headlights look and some quick response.  Then when EJ had Baker by the shirt with Sami standing there, he said something to EJ about telling Sami the whole story or them keeping their deal.  I expected Sami to pick up on that immediately and want to know about the deal…but the writers just passed it right by.

    And that deal to not implicate Nicole…does EJ want that because he’s afraid that she’ll spill the beans on his kidnapping of Sydney?


    but I think we were supposed to understand they were out of Sami’s earshot.

    And, yes, that’s the deal he want’s Baker to keep because if anything happens to Nicole (including getting impicated in anything, especially the muggings) she will release her blackmail on EJ information.

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