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    I just hope he does something really mean and nasty to Kate and tells her he is leaving Salem so he doesn’t have to see her anymore or have anything to do with her.  Also, he tells her he will not even tell her where he’s going and as far as he’s concerned, she’s dead to him.  Something like that.


    Wait long enough and anyone and everyone in Salem is related to the Hortons and Brady’s – jist of the all the storys.  I know that the show has to have generational continuity to survive – just pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze don’t have anymore teenagers come in – there are enough of them.  Although, yesterday, I must say one that I stopped FF’ding through the scene of  Mia’s and "T’s" (is that his name?) – he actually did some acting and had some good lines.  However, I am looking for more "mature" story lines…not teenyboppers all the time – last summer was the pitts – I almost burned up my FF button. 


    And I agree at times the teens have ruled the screen.  But lately they have done a very good job of balancing everything out.  They have a good mix of older generation SLs, middle generation SLs, and teenager SLs.  I don’t have any issues with the canvess right now and the age groups.  They also seem to have a good mix of airtime AND they are mixing the generations and those SLs very well.  I think that is why the ratings are going up, because we don’t have these single SLs that don’t mix at all.  We have Maggie talking with the younger generations and giving them advice.  We have Gabby involved with Rafe & Ari.  There is so many examples I am not going to list them all.

    You have to remember, Days is a show for everyone, so it has to have SLs for everyone.  I personally have liked many of the teen SLs in the past, but I also like many of the older character SLs.  But then again, I am different than most people.  I like watching Disney, while I also like Hallmark and Lifetime – lol


    Izzy……I’m with you on Disney, Hallmark and Lifetime.  Those movies are the best.  With that said the teen stories can get a bit boring.  I’m enjoying the mix lately and the fact that an entire episode doesn’t revolve around Mia and Will or Chad and Mia.  We get them interacting with EJ, Brady, Maggie and Sami.  I use to love it when the teens interacted with Caroline, John and once in a while Marlena but that didn’t happen often enough.


    Lucas was never a must-see character for me.  It’s nothing personal against Bryan – I just never cared for Lucas as he was written.  He’s never been allowed to grow up and think for himself or do for himself, just like others have mentioned.

    I never thought he and Sami had chemistry either (sorry)…




     can’t say I’ll miss him.  He was always the adolescent instead of a mature adult like he should be at this point.  He does have a 16 year old son, time to grow up.  If it takes him off screen to grow up, then he can return later.


    but, frankly, this just pisses me off.  Good luck Bryan, you sweet little cutie pie.  I wish the writers knew how to write for you, but they have proven time and time again that they do not.  So good luck, and I hope to see you again where you will be appreciated more.  This fan will miss you a lot!

    Bos Mom

    I’m with you, Jenn.  He always seemed like a spoiled kid.


    a Horton by blood — but since his mother, Melissa, was adopted by Maggie/Mickey he’s associated as being a Horton. [Melissa Phillips Anderson Jannings]

    Mike or Jeremy, Jennifer or Abby, Sarah and the never, ever mentioned Sandy would be blood.  But in all fairness… Nathan has the characteristics of a Horton, which I hope the writers will NOT corrupt!!


    I was constantly hoping the writing for Lucas would get better. Something beyond temper tantrums and oh let’s drink again. This just bugs me. I am tired of the loss of the Horton presence on the show. I hope they bring some more Hortons on if we’re losing one. Also if they ever bring Lucas back it better be Bryan. He is Lucas. Just like JKJ is Philip.




    Sad to see him go.  I know he was immature but I really liked he and Sammi together.  I was hoping for a Lumi reunion.  I do like Rafe but I think he would be a good match for Carly or really anyone else.  I think Sammi and Lucas deserve to be together.  Oh well.  So much for that idea.


    According to what I read today, he was fired.  And Alison Sweeney was pretty upset about it and even went public with her feelings:




    he doesn’t even get a good exit story?  Korday and Sony Productions, you’re lousy bosses.  Good luck Bry!


    Wow, if Alison has ‘no idea how they’ll write him out’ that makes me wonder if he’ll just fade away with no explanation like Steve and Kayla. TPTB really know how to treat their actors!


    I don’t think Sami’s going anywere.  She’s been in front burner stories for a few years and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.  

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