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    I swear I had to FF through their scenes yesterday. They were dumber than the keystone cops. All that standing their and letting Ivan run the show was ridiculous. That has to be the worst written scene in Days history, and I’m including all of the nutty JER storylines. They left their guns in the hall! Who does that? Then they give Ivan their phones! Another stupid move. Then when Ivan locks them in the room, they act surprised. Wasn’t Eli an FBI agent? No wonder he got fired! Shouldn’t he be able to kick in the door? Lastly, Vivian must be deaf. How did she not hear everything that was going on. This is an apartment, not mansion. Beyond frustrating!  


     I honestly believe this soap has no chance of redemption as long as Carlivati remains as head-writer.  The man lives in his own mind, and there’s no room for improvement.  I fast forward through most of DOOL on a DAILY basis.  I am so disappointed in what this so-called "writer" has done to this beloved soap.  There is not one storyline that holds my interest.  Force of habit keeps me tuning in, but not much longer if things don’t improve soon.


     None of those SLs interest me.


    It’s pretty awful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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