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    they dropped the marriage proposal on us the same day as the "daddy reveal."  It kind of took away from it.  It didn’t surprise me though as it would certainly be a good way to drive Sami crazy(ier).

    But this is going to clear up a couple of things for us, just how much Nicole DOES love Sydney, which I don’t think anybody doubted.  And, if Brady actually loves Nicole or if he is still using her, which I don’t believe he is.  However, even if Nicole does marry EJ, she can still see Brady on the side which is exactly what she’s doing now.

    Side note:  If they keep coming up  with all these dispicable things they have EJ doing, he just may fall out of favor for me…nah, that won’t happen.  But I’m hoping with fingers and toes crossed, that if they do marry (which I’m sure they will), EJ is going to grow to love Nicole.


    Sorry.  I’d forgotten which board I was on.


     it was a demand, or I guess you could call it a "take it or leave it."  Anyway, it was insulting, to say the least.  I don’t see E.J. being capable of loving anyone other than Samantha Gene, and no matter how many masks he wears, those who know him well, like Nicole, can see right through them and know there is nothing that E. J. DiMera offers that doesn’t have strings attached.  So, I’m sure that if, in fact, this marriage actually takes place, Nicole will be the sorrier for it, and, with that in mind, I cannot bring myself to feel sorry for whatever happens to her as a result of it.


      I love Brady and Nicole together.  He makes her a better person, and her soft side show like it does when she is with Sydney.  But, having said that, I loved it when EJ and Nicole were together before.  I think they really grew to love each other.  She ecepted him for who he was, a DeMira.  But, he has changed and don’t know if he can get back to that place again.  I would love to see Nicole happy for a change, I just hope little sis doesn’t put a wrinkle in her happiness.


    but I don’t see this as EJ loving Samantha Gene. This isn’t love. This is about control. This is about possession. If he can’t own her, then he is miserable and will "get back" at her. How can anyone call that love?


    it was quite obvious that EJ was at a loss as to how Sami could ever resist him.  His inflated opinion of himself is what drove him to conquer her resistance.  I cringe when I think back to how many years this disgusting connection has been going on. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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