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    I hope Sami doesn’t turn up pregnant again, by FauxRafe.

    I think that would about finish me.



     to give Sami another child, but I wouldn’t doubt that at some point in the next few months faux Rafe does fall for Sami.  I don’t know how they intend to keep people interested in this guy if he doesn’t finally do something really revealing.  He keeps talking his way out of situations, like he did with the necklace, but more and more people are starting to notice that Rafe just is not acting right.  I still think it might be Nicole who discovers it, because she, more than anyone, knows Rafe well, and she knows how much E.J. hates him, but I just wish it wouldn’t drag out too long, especially if they keep Rafe2 the way he is now.  So far we got some questionable looks of wonderment from Sami, Johnny, Nicole, and now Gabbi.  Maybe once Taylor takes E.J.’s mind off the Rafe situation, his plan will begin to unravel and him and his father will both go down.  At least I have never wished for anything harder in my life.  As for Rafe2 getting Sami pregnant, that would just about do it for me, too.


    Sami starts pushing “Rafe” for a kid? And goes off birth control?


    Agree..How long will Faux Rafe be able to use the concussion as an excuse for being off


    ever, given the turmoil that all of her existing children have had to deal with all the Days of their Lives….


    I would love to see Nicole pregnant.  I don’t want a "Who’s the Daddy" SL, but I would love to see her carrying Brady’s baby.  I would be ok with EJ as the daddy too, as long as she know who the baby’s daddy is.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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