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    I don’t mean to be rude…..but watching Hope and Carly interact and seeing Carly’s face more clearly with her horrible hair-do on yesterday’s show makes me think………..ugh bo! just by their faces alone you should go back to Hope.


    Carly is pretty, but the hair-do was a don’t! Who thought of that style for her? And why are they always making her look so frumpy. Is this another case of how they dressed poor Kayla? Stylists, get a clue. You take attractive women and make them look so matronly and frumpy–Stop It!


    to make Crystal Chappel look the part of the murderous, interloping, demon mother from hell that she is coming off as, then yes, her wardrobe person, make-up artist, and hair stylist have all done their job.  They have made her as unattractive as they possibly can.  But she will be getting a make-over soon, and she really is quite a stunning woman IRL.  They have to make her look the part, but honestly, I have to agree, she needs a fashion/hair/make-up fix….and quick.


    I’m wondering if fashion was something that Lawrence kept from her.  She did say she was a virtual prisoner and if he controlled everything about her he probably also controlled her looks and how she dresses BUT she’s a free woman now and you’d think she’d get a makeover by now.


    CS who plays Carly is really gorgeous in real life – that severe hairdo was terrible on her!

    Ms. Jake

    Yes, she is very attractive woman. But I think they are keeping her realistic for now, cause she’s been through so much! She’s been kidnapped, arrested, thrown in jail,ect. Plus, the stress! And she’s the true victim…..notice how she NEVER defends herself! I shake my head everytime that happens….everyone is po’d at her and she just takes it, never explains WHY about anything. She punishes herself along with everyone else….she’s her own worst enemy! That’s probably why Bo is so protective of her.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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