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    OK…if you pour gasoline over someone enough to make them look like they’ve been swimming in a pool with their clothes on and the wood floor (along with most every thing else in the room) gets saturated with the gas…and then you strike a match in the very vicinty you just poured the gasoline…WHAT happens????  Ahhhhhh, writer’s – did you not take any chemistry class in school or ever see a movie?  BOOM!!!!

    Also, when Bo was in the hospital why wasn’t he on some sort of oxygen, I’m sure that inhaling all those fumes, would have damaged his throat, nasal passages, and irrated his lungs…not to mention his nose and eyes…I’m just saying if they are going to do a scene like this, make it believable please!

    And Doc Dan needs his nose checked if he couldn’t smell all that gas the second he entered the house…



     would have gone up, up and away!


    and will Hope be charged with attempted murder because that’s exactly what she did…(what am I saying – this is Day’s after all)…


    Bo was on a ventilator…the mouthpiece was not taped to his mouth. Really?


    And Carly sits there and lets him yank the vent out of his throat?  Puhleeze!

    Also, what hospital in the world lets syringes lay around in a patient’s room?  They should be securely locked up, just like drugs.  But no…Bo has them right there at Hope’s fingertips.  Bah!

    LET’S GET AT LEAST A TINY BIT OF MEDICAL BELIEVABLE IN THIS SHOW PEOPLE!  It’s a sad state of affairs when your viewers have more medical knowledge than the ‘professionals’ do.


    I don’t know much about medical practices, at all, but I knew what you mentioned Bonbon and a few other things…

    Plus a few things that have always, always, always bugged the living daylights outta me is why do they keep the hospital room doors closed all the time?   I’ve been in the hospital several times and the doors are wide open to the rooms unless there is a procedure going on (sponge bath, bed pan usage, etc. – then most of the time the staff just draws the curtain).  In reality world, they may just close the door slightly at night so the patients can sleep, (fat chance with them coming in every three hours to draw blood or something).

    Why does Salem Hospital only have "private rooms" (nothing is ever private anyway in Salem)!  Why can everyone just waltz into a hospital room in Salem? Like Hope did from the other room? (That has happened a lot in that hospital). 

    In my little town, you have to give your name and other info to visit a friend or relative there to a guard at the door and then he gives you a visitors badge during visiting hours only!  Why wouldn’t Roman and Abe check the visitors log???? 

    Arrrrrrrrrgh… I think I look at the show more now for these kinds of things as opposed to the actual story line.


    When I was working at a hospital in Chicago they mostly semi-private and wards with 3+ beds with very few private rooms.  That was in the late 70’s. By the time I left (23 years later) most of the rooms were converted to private rooms and there were very few semi private with no wards at all.  The ER which use to be 1 huge room with curtains between beds was remodeled to private rooms on one side with some cubicles with curtains and the ICU’s that use to be 1 huge ward with curtains were now all private rooms but the wall and door leading to the central nurses desk was all glass so they could keep the doors closed and still see the patients.  When I started working at the hospital you had to get a pass and there were only 2 per patient.  If they were both in use someone had to come down with a pass to allow someone else up.  Several years later they got more lax with visitation and the only time they limited visitors was if the floor you were on was understaffed or there was something critical happening.  Even the ICU’s that had strict visiting hours posted didnt’ adhere to them unless there  was a patient that had visitors that were loud or obnoxious then they’d then enforce the visitation for all patients to avoid conflict with 1 family.

    I moved to a small town in Alabama 7 years ago and have been in a small community hospital twice and I was in a room with 2 beds but I was the only patient.  In January I was in a larger hospital for a week and I had a private room with a couch and 2 chairs for visitors.  I requested my door be closed because I hated the noise and light from the hallway at night and my door was only opened if someone came in.  They immediately closed it when they left.   My husband and friends never had to check with anyone before coming up to my room and when I visited someone I never checked in with anyone.  Both hospitals down here do adhere to strict visitations in the ICU as far as hours but still didn’t ask to see a pass or put restrictions on how many people were visiting but you were only allowed 10 minutes per hour and the main doors to the ICU were kept locked until the hour then they’d unlock them and it was like cattle pouring into the unit, after 10 minutes everyone poured out again to sit in the waiting room until the next hour.



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