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    Why oh why would she let Sydney go off to the pumpkin patch with a virtual stranger when she knows that EJ might show up at any time and run off with her?  Idiot!  I did like how Kinsey tore Sami a new one about having all those kids and never taking care of them though. 


    Even if she knows Kinsey – which she likely does a bit just because she hangs around w/Will’s crowd – to let her take Sydney without consulting Sami and well knowing the danger EJ poses – well I just couldn’t fathom it. I have to say again, Caroline has been pulling some weird behaviors of late.


    Caroline know her?  I know we can’t assume that Kinsey only worked at the pub a short time or has been working there for a long time as the writers never explain anything. 

    However, if Kinsey had been working there for quite a while now and Caroline saw how Kinsey interacted with all of Sami’s children in a favorable way, (seeing how Sami’s kids are living and pretty much have spent their entire little lives at the pub), the perhaps Caroline knew that she could trust her to babysit. 

    Sami isn’t the most responsible parent in the world, as we all well know, so since Caroline is normally in charge and caregiver of Sami’s kids, why wouldn’t Caroline be able to say that Kinsey could take them to the park or pumpkin patch?  I can’t see why the children have to suffer because their mother leaves them all the time.

    Besides that Sami sure wasn’t worried about her kids or Sydney the very night she got Sydney back from being kidnapped, Sami was not worried at all about leaving her children in the care of Caroline for a roll in the bed (to put it politely) with Rafe.  I think the kids are better off with Caroline or a babysitter than they are with Sami any day.


    Yeah I guess she does know Kinsey but I would still be wary of leaving her with anyone when EJ is on the rampage.  I just really think that Caroline dropped the ball big time on that one.  I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be happy to find out that Nicole got to see Sydney either even though I greatly enjoyed the exchange between her and Kinsey.


    Caroline has to be pretty tired of always having the kids. SHe had thinkgs to do and Kelsey’s offer gave her a chance to get them done with out Sydney in tow. I also think that since Kensey is a good friend of Will’s, she would feel that it would be safe. Caroline  also mentioned she was concerned about EJ and Kinsey said she would take care of herand keep her safe from EJ. 

    Since the kids spend so much time with Caroline, I feel she has a say  in making arrangements for them without asking Sami.


     I totally agree with you on that one, that Caroline should have a say in the matter on who watches the kids since she has them 95%of the time!   Sami is just so selfish,  Not like Caroline is retired, she runs a business for crying out loud, but Sami could care less about what Caroline needs.  I hope her and Rafe dont have any kids, she doesnt need anymore!    


    Caroline is a lot like my mother was.  She was always there to take the kids if we wanted to go someplace.  Most of the time it was her idea to bring ’em over as she enjoyed her g.kids probably the most of anything in her life.  And she had six of them that were close enough to babysit.  So it was mine, my sister’s and my brother’s kids that spent a lot of time at gram’s.  In fact, practically every Sunday after church, she’d take them all out for lunch (only five, one was a different religion).  But I suspect that was just a ruse to get them to go to church with her.  But, hey, it worked!

    As to Kinsey, I believe she is still working at the pub and is well aware of the EJ/Sami situation so I think Caroline would be very comfortable leaving Sydney with her.  But, Nicole is another story, although, I believe Caroline knows Nicole is no threat to Sydney as she knows how much Nicole loves her.

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