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    But I don’t wanna go swimin’ Ma!!!  Tooooooooooooo flippin’ cute for words!  I never knew this – I thought they just took to the water like baby ducks!




    I didn’t know they couldn’t swim either.  It was funny how she kept pushing him underwater.  Otters are so cute anyway.  Thanks for sharing that.

    That reminds me of my poodle, who is supposed to be a water dog, and HATES swimming.  I take her in the pool which is the only place either one of us gets any exercise. That Arthur guy causes me a lot of pain when I walk so I swim instead, and she was starting to get a little ’round’ around the middle.  She even has a life preserver that she wears but I have to drag her in the water and her poor little heart starts racing when I pick her up to go in.  But she’s got a nice hour-glass shape now.


     Thanks for sharing!


    had an episode similar to your poodle and I think this was a retriever of all things who was terrified to go into the family pool. Cesar took it slow, I think maybe using a treat at first and it didn’t take long for the dog to go in by himself. Dragging a frightened dog into the water will likely only reinforce the fear.


    only it didn’t work.  Cesar has some kind of magic he uses on dogs.    I think he must hypnotize them or something.

    I don’t ‘drag’ her in.  I pick her up and carry her in with me.  I had to teach both dogs to swim to the steps in case they fall in (which one of my previous pups did) because they try to get out the side and just wear themselves out because they can’t.  So it was a matter of necessity to take them in the pool, willing or not.

    She seems to be comfortable once she’s in (although will swim straight to the steps or me) but it’s just the getting in.

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