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    We watched the premiere of Harry’s Law with Kathy Bates and thought it was hilarious.  Don didn’t know anything about the show but I’d seen previews during Days yesterday and decided I wanted to check it out.  Kathy Bates is a patent attorney who gets fired and through a series of accidents she opens her own office.  The accidents in themselves had us laughing.  First a young college student tries to commit suicide by jumping off a building.  He bounces off an awning and lands on her.  She’s in the ER and nobody believes what happened but she’s released and back to walking in the same place she was before, this time looking up to watch for falling people when she steps off a curb and gets hit by a car but lands on a mattress coming off of a moving truck.  Back to the ER.  She finally makes it to her destination.  This all happens in the first 15 minutes or so of the show.  

    If they can keep this momentum up during the rest of the episodes I think this is a hit for NBC. 



    I didn’t watch, but TV Guide gave it a really low rating – like 1.


     too bad it got such a low rating, cause Kathy Bates is a terrific actress, and she can play any type of role, serious, comedic or whatever.  I would hate to see her take that kind of a hit with the critics who judge these new shows.


    friend of mine recommended it -was just going to DVR it.  But I started watching as I was heading for bed – the first fifteen minutes was hysterical, funny, fast paced, interesting and that was before the first commerical! 

    I only had maybe one or two bones to pick with the content they (the show) laid out in the court room scenes, but other than that it was a great show. 

    David E. Kelly – I think was the guy who also did other off the wall shows about lawyers, The Practice, Boston Legal (I never watched those two shows but heard they were ok).  He also did Ally McBeal – and I did watch that after the dancing baby became a worldwide blitz and was dancing on everyones computers in 1998ish.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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