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    Wowie – zowie!  Another terrific show today.  I am just elated at the show’s writing this past week.  Great interaction between all our characters, Kate, Stefano, and Sami and EJ, my gosh they were great in the chapel.  Even Nathan and Phillip’s conversation along with Mel and Stephanie!  Was believable, and they all got right to the nitty-gritty of all their problems instead of alluding to this or that.  I especially loved EJ’s and Sami’s prayers. 


    I know I’m a sap but Sami and EJ in the chapel brought tears to my eyes.  I sure hope this "truce" happens and endures.  I’m really quite tired of all the fighting and bickering.  But, as Rafe said, what’s going to happen to Nicole now.  I think that deep down, he does have some feelings for her.  He grabbed her and hugged her when they got the good news.  I hope she can stay with him.

    I didn’t care for Philip slugging Nathan though.  I mean, come on, these guys aren’t big bad bikers, they are a doctor and corporate big-wig for cryin’ out loud.  I don’t believe they’d go around punching on each other like that.

    Further…will Mel go through with an abortion?  The last time we saw that was with Mimi and you’d think she was evil incarnate the way everybody treated her when they found out.  Also her self-loathing and guilt was a little over the top, I thought.  I wouldn’t want to go through that again with Mel.


    a possibility Mel will lose the baby? Or just a red herring?


     I’m as quick as anyone to jump on the writers when they give us stupid garbage, but I need to give them credit when credit is due, as well.  Days was sooooo bad during the JER days, and I finally quit watching altogether during the Dr. North storyline.  I just couldn’t take it any more.  I would check into Salem Place and Prevuze occasionally, and when I saw that there were new writers, and things sounded better, I started tuning in.  Even though things still plod along a little too long, it’s lightning speed compared to those days, when single conversations would last for weeks, and long, drawn out plots would be dropped after months of development.  I think there’s room for improvement, but I actually look forward to, and enjoy, the show for the most part.  They’ve had a lot more comedy, with great lines, and it’s been especially good this week,  so KUDOS to the writers!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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