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That was so not how I would expect that scene to go.  Yes, I can understand Maggie being in shock but what about Hope?  She’s a cop for cryin’ out loud and should be in control of her emotions enough to know what do to.  Why didn’t she call Bo?  Or Julie and Doug (that’d be MY first thought).  Maggie should never have been left alone there.  That’s the first thing you do when someone dies, get on the phone and start getting some support.  And, believe me, I have had the experience…more times that I care to admit.

My guess is that none of the writers have ever had any experience with someone in the family dying.  Well, they should have asked someone who has what happens.

I was disappointed that I didn’t shed a tear in that scene because it was so unrealistic.  Yes, Maggie played it well but I just couldn’t get into it.