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     this is so ridiculous. Mia and Will are in the living room and have no idea he’s died? Maggie doesn’t yell, or call 911 or tell them? She just goes back into the kitchen and sits down and cries quietly? Waits until Hope shows up and then says something?


    I realize she might be in shock, but really? Ugh.


     Yesterday, when she came down, I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know if there was a skip in timeline, or what. This is absolutely, totally egregious writing, and abhorrent treatment of the actors and fans. 


     I completely agree. It was just so staged and rushed. He deserved better and so did we.


    Well I didnt even realize Mia and Will were at her house until they left,  I doubt they were the last thing that she was thinking about at the time anyway.  Even so. I’m in tears right now as they wheeled Mickey out of the house.  I think we’ll be crying alot over the next few days for the funeral.  IF they are going to make her start drinking agian, I really wish they had kept Lucas around to help her.  That would have given them both awsome storylines to shine.  Maggie helped Lucas now it would have been his turn to help her.


    This is an awful way to play out the story!  We don’t see Maggie discovering him or trying to help.  Lucas isn’t around to help her.  They better step up the writing on this one pronto, these are classic characters and the story needs to be handled properly.


     that’s what I mean. I realize she wasn’t thinking of Mia and Will, but if I found my husband dead, I’d yell most likely.

    And when Hope said is there anyone I should call and she says "No"…what about Nathan?? It just all seemed so contrived and rushed. Sad for a character like Mickey Horton.


    I agree too! This was horribly written. I guess the writers just wanted to rush through this SL as soon as possible.


     Mike or Bill or Laura or Sarah?? Bill and the other siblings should have been notified along with Mike who thought he was his father and Sarah (who is Maggie’s daughter that he adopted and raised)?  I guess Alice didn’t deserve to be told either? 


    it was sacrilegious.  Sure, shock may be what they were trying to impress upon the audience, but they fell way short.  It appeared more like a poorly written, poorly acted BAD script, which neither John Clarke nor Suzanne Rogers deserves.  Damn writers….they just keep on screwing up.  Suzanne did the best she could with what she was given, I’m sure, but honestly, Hope showed more emotion than Maggie, IMO.


    That was so not how I would expect that scene to go.  Yes, I can understand Maggie being in shock but what about Hope?  She’s a cop for cryin’ out loud and should be in control of her emotions enough to know what do to.  Why didn’t she call Bo?  Or Julie and Doug (that’d be MY first thought).  Maggie should never have been left alone there.  That’s the first thing you do when someone dies, get on the phone and start getting some support.  And, believe me, I have had the experience…more times that I care to admit.

    My guess is that none of the writers have ever had any experience with someone in the family dying.  Well, they should have asked someone who has what happens.

    I was disappointed that I didn’t shed a tear in that scene because it was so unrealistic.  Yes, Maggie played it well but I just couldn’t get into it.


    I agree, the first thing would be call 911 or do CPR and a bit then call 911.  You usually call for help.  Even if you KNOW the person is gone and beyond help you still want there to be some hope and there’s the "what if" or "maybe"  thoughts running through your head.  


    First off, could the foreshadowing be any more heavy-handed? Maggie and Lexie talking about their marriage, M&M about to leave on a cruise. Then out of nowhere Maggie comes out in a fog and just sits down.
    This loss which should be major was lost on me.
    Very very lame writing. Hopefully, the funeral will rescue the significance of Mick’s death and set the stage for how Maggie handles it.

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