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    Why doesn’t Adrienne say..”I can prove who I am”……And show the mastectomy scars…?
    Or say “take my fingerprints and that will prove I am not Bonnie.”
    That would make too much sense and nip this insipid storyline in the bud…..
    It is absurd without any redeeming values at all

    in reply to: Dario’s Partner #53575

    Maybe Raines but where is Abe getting all the moolah from? He had a strange look on his face when
    he had that wad of cash and put it away…..Red herring? I cannot believe Abe would be part of the
    criminal element…..Got to admit it does pique interest a little and get us away from the insanely
    ridiculous Bonnie/Hattie fiasco…..
    If they drag this storyline on they are going to lose viewers left, right and center…

    in reply to: Everyone in Salem needs… #53566

    Deidre and Judi might love playing outside their comfort zones, but the notion is ludicrous. Even if you looked like another person, there is no way your voice is going to be anywhere close to their actual voice as well. Yes we must suspends tons of disbelief here, but the bodies would not be close to identical unless they were actual twins.
    Pray this storyline is short and sweet (though far from sweet) and we can get on to better and more plausible
    Something tells me it will stretch out like some of the past storylines where we have dopplegangers taking
    control and imitating someone else…..

    in reply to: James Lastovic out! Jordi Vilasuso out! #53520

    If the character is leaving the simplest would be to make him the killer and go to jail.
    That would free up Xander when he gets out of prison to come back to Salem and
    terrorize it and the people again….

    in reply to: The “Happy” Bride #53471

    I have been a watcher since the 1960’s of Days and yes there have been some lame storylines over the
    half century.
    This one with Dario is really pathetic with Abigail marrying him just to keep him in the country. Hopefully
    when they discover he is part of the computer hacking and theft of money he will leave. I have no qualms
    with the actress playing Abigail. She is playing as she is written, easily manipulated and moody. I wish they
    would give her more backbone though.
    Another character I dislike is the police commissioner who is over the top character wise. He never smiles,
    and is very tedious in terms of acting. He has one emotion which is angry most of the time.
    This often makes the teen storylines seem tolerable. I do not like the way Tripp is seeking revenge because
    of Jade’s lie. What will he do when he finds out his brother is the killer? I do like his character, one of the
    bright spots lately with his acting abilities. He has possibilities definitely.

    in reply to: Angelica Devereau #53414

    Morgan has changed without question over the years…….
    She talks like her mouth is full of cotton or something and
    her lips don’t move a lot…..
    I know people knock the younger actors but I am not looking
    forward to her as the new Anjelica Devereux…..And why
    wait all these decades for revenge? Another potentially
    insipid storyline to anticipate

    in reply to: Friday’s Episode (Stefano/Shane) #53028

    I agree that on the silly scale it went off the charts. They knew Joe was not healthy enough to come back for
    any significant amount of time so this was the only to bring closure to the story line and get Hope her freedom.
    Days really need to get some better writing and hopefully with new writers arriving they will have some original
    ideas that advance story line in logical and not contrived fashion. If not, the sands of the hour glass just might be
    running out for this show. And that would be a shame.

    in reply to: How sad was it to see Stefano #53014

    It was sad watching Joe in that condition. It was obvious the dementia was quite advanced and he perhaps could not speak. The same happened to my mother. She could only look blankly at you and show no emotion. This was not how we wanted to remember Joe. The tribute was nice at the end, and the escape from the cell unnecessary.
    We can only say thank you to Joe for so many years of being one of the greatest daytime villains ever.
    The Phoenix will always rise in our hearts……

    in reply to: HUGE NEWS!!! #52732

    There will never be another villain like him. I remember many years back when he was let go
    from the show, I wrote him and congratulated on being such a great actor and that it was
    not fair to see him let go. He actually replied to me with a long response. At the time when I
    was on Yahoo chatting, I chose ThePhoenixRises as my chat name. That was also part of
    my email and he commented that he liked the name I had chosen.
    What an amazing character, one for the ages.
    Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease. My mother just passed away 3 weeks back from dementia
    after a brave 3 year struggle. Now we know what was happening in his last months of
    the character. He still fought on and stayed on the show as long as humanly possible.
    That is the sign of a great actor and human being.
    The Phoenix will forever rise in our hearts and our memories….

    in reply to: Bravo Jen L – BRAVO!!! #52608

    How interesting that characters we hate along with the actress, when they are leaving we finally give them their due rewards for their acting. They acted well all along and now we are acknowledging them as stellar.
    I have always liked the actress who played Teresa. She played her part to perfection, scheming, manipulative, but when necessary showed a real heart and soul.
    I agree in wishing her well as she is definitely someone who will be turning up again whether on Days or somewhere where her talent can be totally appreciated.

    in reply to: Today #52234

    That would be easy to cut off the power to an entire city.
    Haven’t Don Craig and Neil Curtis been running on that treadmill
    since the 1980’s that is connected to the power station. That
    is how Salem has gotten its power since that time.
    Easy to take those two out of the equation.

    in reply to: Ciara’s Rape Depiction #51235

    Then I guess we can call all the casting directors on the show idiots. They are the ones who choose her, so unless she was the only actor up for the role, she impressed them enough for the part.
    How often do posters on this site comment how badly someone’s acting is and months from that point commend the
    person for a terrific job.
    While she is not Emmy worthy, she is doing okay and is acting like a teen with angst would. Now if she should be
    recast then we would know the powers that be realized they made a wrong choice on the actress, but for now, let’s just enjoy the show….
    There are others on the show, veterans for that matter who still are stilted in their delivery and mannerisms. (no names please)

    in reply to: Is It Really Ben, OR Is It Abby??? #51187

    It is really funny how way back some of the posters were so down on Kate and her acting and the character. Now that she is leaving people are definitely saying how much they will miss her. People turn on a dime on some actors here
    which I guess is sometimes human nature.
    The way she has played the character in the past few months has been nothing short of spectacular. The scenes with her in the wedding gown, she looks like a porcelain doll. What a stunning looking lady who emits both strength and weakness in the portrayal of Abigail. It may take longer than they think to replace her because to say it will be tough replacing such talent may seem an understatement.
    Good luck to her in whatever the future holds….

    in reply to: Warehouse shootout #51128

    I agree. That silly facial fuzz thingie is old school and has got to go. Makes him look like he is trying to be a teenager again. Or dye it so it looks less like grandpa time and more like a serious hit assassin or whatever they want him to be.
    He acts well but the seriousness factor drops a few degrees when that thing moves with his lips…

    in reply to: Actress Playing Ciara #49639

    I guess those powers that be in the show had no problem with the actress. I am sure many auditioned for the part so unless they took the lesser of all evils acting wise, they thought she was good enough for the role. I find that when many performers join the show, these boards are very critical of their talents but most seem to come around in the end. Hope that is the case with naysayers here….

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