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    So, Star finally got booted off Celebrity Apprentice.  It’s about time.  I fell asleep before I saw them enter the board room and only woke up as she was driving away in the limo.  Darn, I’ll have to watch it Tuesday night to see what went down.  I’ll bet it was good.

    But I was soooo disappointed in Nene leaving like she did.  I was pulling for her if for nothing more than standing up to Star the way she did.  Trump was right, this will follow her forever.  I have zero respect for her now.  I kept hoping that she’d show up at the last minute with a load of ticket sales.  BTW, Marlee was pretty funny on stage, wasn’t she?

    I’m more and more convinced that John is going to win.  Marlee could pull it off but I think John is just a little more capable.  We’ll see.


    I did love the fact that 3 peopled were fired, though.  I will say this about Meatloaf, either he is a very tender man, or he just cries easily.  Either way, it is so weird to see a grown man cry that much.  I’ll say this for him, though, he gave Miss Star her comeuppance, and for that I loved him.  Nene was rude to The Donald, and no one’s career is safe once they are publicly rude to The Donald, whether he deserves it or not.  I think that Trump pointed the finger and said the words:  "Nene, You’re Fired," and she wasn’t even there.  LOL … loved that.  Then we have LaToya Jackson, who has the distinct claim of being the only celebrity in the show’s history to be fired twice.  As for Star, couldn’t happen any better if she rehearsed it.  She was shut down by Meatloaf and then kicked out by The Donald.  Good riddance!


    when it dawned on her she was losing the battle was priceless. Meatloaf has always been an emotional rollercoaster so I’m not suprised. Donald was right – he did look quite handsome last night in the boardroom.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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