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    So Sami is trying to sneak around the DiMira mansion and she wears these clunky shoes that make it sound like Mr. Ed is coming down the hall.  Good grief!!!


     And Sami isn’t exactly graceful in her walking.  She usually walks like a bulldog in a china closet.




    either mechanical or his thugs, at the DeMansion since EJ’s shooting.  You’d think it would be Ft. Knox now but everyone just waltzes in at will.


    Just how many people have snuck into that place so far?  More than I can count.


    that Sami or anyone could sashay up to the DiMera front door. Like they wouldn’t have either guards or a state of the art security system. Especially now with what has gone down.


     that they would have video cameras hooked up.  I remember Rafe cutting the wiring when he broke in under the guise of a cable repairman, but it would be unheard of to think anyone would believe they would not have some outside detail to serve as a ‘lookout’ as to who comes to or from the mansion, and from all directions.  I mean they aren’t exactly pillars of the community, and I expect people living in that underworld they live in would be a daily threat for tight security.  Again, too much escape from realism for me.


    that Stephano continues to call the place "the compound". OK, if it is….wouldn’t there be security to get INTO the compound? Just so stupid. Yes, they always talked about security and cameras but never ever do they use them??


    Just open the tunnel back up for Sami to sneak in n out? All the Brady’s know of it. (Hello Writers!) it would be more believable then her sneaking into the "compound", plus it could make for some interesting stories.  I know they supposedly blew it up or something to seal it off….but its Salem and they could have dug it out lol







     about the old tunnels that ran all around Salem that Stefano knew so well.  A great story would be for Sami to sneak in the tunnel and steal Johnny and keep him hidden @ the Horton cabin or something with Will taking care of him or send him with Ally to visit her father, Lucas.  

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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