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    EJ and Taylor hit a bump one day, and the next day they’re in the car unconscious.  Ok, EJ has a cut on his forehead, but Taylor just passes out?  Ciara falls on the ground and she’s unconscious.  There was a rock by her head, but she didn’t hit it.

    Do people really pass out that often?  I have fainted about 5 times in my life, and I consider myself to be somebody who passes out easily. 

    How feeble are these Salemites??


    I’ve kissed a windshield because I was a dummy and wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  (Young, invinceable, and foolish.)  They pulled glass out of my face for two hours, but I didn’t pass out from the hit.

    I’ve hit my head numerous times because I didn’t back out far enough from under a cabinet or whatever.  Never passed out.

    In high school someone shoved someone else at a football game and we banged heads big time.  Didn’t pass out.

    Go figure….


    passed out about 5 times in one year. It was hilarious and SOOOO unbelievable!


    But not the people in Salem…totally ridiculous.

    I’ve only passed out once in my life and that’s when I was in first grade and was severly anemic and stood up too quickly.


    Why does everyone in Salem who ever drives get into a car accident?  I swear the the Drivers Ed teacher in Salem is even worse than the Salem PD! 


    to passing out was when I had my 3rd C-section. Went into the bathroom and stood up, walked out and everything was white and noise in my ears. But I walked to the bed with the nurse and got over it. She told me later I scared her to death because I was so white she figured by blood pressure was about 0, LOL.


    in a packed church, in the front row of all places. It’s a weird feeling coming to lying face up in a pew with peoples’ faces hoovering over you.


     it was the day after President Reagan was shot.  I was on my way to work.  I was stopped at a red light and, when the light turned green, I proceeded through, and that’s the last thing I remember until I woke up in the ambulance being administered to by paramedics and asking if I was going to die.  Turns out an armored car sped through a red light and hit my car full impact.  I was in a Chevette.  My car and I wound up on the opposite corner’s sidewalk with all 4 tires turned completely out and upward.  Mostly, I remember how bad those smelling salts were,…smelled like pure amonia.  Thank God, all I wound up with were some broken ribs and a punctured lung, which quickly healed in a couple of weeks, after a ten-day hospital stay, with no after effects whatsoever (knock on wood).

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