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    I have to say Nathan has been my favorite, he’s just so cute! And I’m glad they added another Horton this year.

    If I can recall, the new characters of 2009 were Nathan, Mia, Chad. and I guess Dr. Baker is included.


    Sidney by a landslide!


    but it would have to be Mel.  I absolutly dispised the girl – so ditzy and flighty (even being raised the way she was), however, now that they have softned her charactor without loosing her spunkiness and zest for life – I think that she has some redeeming qualities.  And if she would quit waffeling between Phillip and Nathan – pick one and go for the long term (I vote for Phillip – in spite of the age difference) – those two could be a match made and sparked up!


    I think those are all great choices. For the most part I think Days has done a very good job with new characters this year. Most of these actors have had roles central to the story they’ve been in and they’ve done a great job. I would pick Melanie because the girl can act and boy has she been in everything lately, but I think she came last year. So with that said, I too am voting for Sidney. She is such a cutie and what a scene stealer for such a little girl.


    I agree Sidney is amazing but I also am enjoying Ari.  Not sure if she is from 2009 or earlier, though???


    I think Casey Deidrick (sp?) is a terrific young actor, and given the right material I think he could really show just how good he is.  The rest of the younger actors come across as ‘forcing’ their material, a little bit boring, and definitely lack the ability of keeping my attention on what they are doing or saying at the time.  They almost look comical to me (Will, Mia, Kinsey).  Casey (Chad), however, seems far more polished and I hope to see him given the opportunity to really shine.


    what Melanie could do if Jan Spears were to awaken and reappear in Salem!  That could definitely exceed the great  Sami/Nicole rival scenes we so enjoyed.    The character of Melanie has taken a greater leap from ‘dislike’ to ‘appreciation’ for the viewers than we were given of Chelsea.  In my opinion, Chelsea grew up w/Dr. Dan’s help but the actress’s desire to ‘go-forth-and-prosper’ left us too soon. :(


    I like Ari a lot and she was 2009.

    I also agree, I like Chad and I hope they give him more material and don’t let him fall now that the Mia SL is over.

    I have to say out of all the years, this year is the best for new characters.  they have done a very good job of developing new characters in the last 1 1/2 years.  I especially like Rafe, but he was end of 2008.  Brady was also a good recast, but again he was end of 2008.  Took me a little bit to figure out when he was on air, but it was around the same time as Rafe.  I remember Rafe, because of witness protection and getting the Penguins around Christmas time.


    I would have to say Melanie! [She DID come on the show this year, correct? If not, I’ll have to go with the return of VIVIAN!]


    Her first air date according to Jason’s site is July 31, 2008.  Time sure flies.  I also thought Rafe and Brady were this year, but then when I thought about it more I knew they had to be last year because of Rafe’s protection SL last year and if Rafe was on then Brady had to also because he was a part of the Nicole Miscarriage SL.


    Accidental duplicate post


    Isn’t it strange how many of us absolutely hated Melanie when she first came on.  And many said it wasn’t just the character but they didn’t like the actor at all and thought she should go away.  And now she’s turned into a character everybody likes.  It just goes to show you what poor judges of talent we all are, huh?

    In fact, it was much the same with Chelsea.  Not everybody was converted but many who didn’t like her at first, grew to love her.  I did the same thing with the Brady (Kyle) too.  I thought he was a terrible actor until they turned him around.  Then he became one of my favorites.

    So, from now on, I promise (holding up right hand) to not judge a new character until I ‘really’ get to know them.

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