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    I’ve really been impressed with the show the last few days and I’ve been thinking about EJ and how he’s seeing that Johnny really loves and needs his mother.  The show is missing a great opportunity with EJ if they don’t go further into this.  I can see him realizing that he’s doing to Johnny and Sydney what Stefano did to him as a child.  Since I get the feeling he wasn’t with his mother for long or very often I could see Stefano telling him his mother doesn’t love him and keeping them apart.  EJ could remember that he did love his mother and how he went through a period of wanting and missing her but his father wouldn’t allow it.  Through all this EJ decides he can’t put Johnny through what he went through as a child and not only keeps his truce with Sami because of a pact he made with God but because it really is what’s best for his children.  


    Now THAT I would tune in to see!!  What an adult thing to do!!!


     but, alas, unless they read this board and something hits them on the head saying, ‘hey, that’s a great way to redeem E.J.’, I’m afraid they’ll keep the guy just the way he is, because with Chad arriving on the scene soon, E.J. will become obsessed with losing power, including power over his children and Sami, but your idea is perfect for the character of E.J., and I would absolutely love to see your vision for this character unfold on screen.  I just don’t have high hopes for it after reading some of things E.J. and Stefano have planned for Rafe and Sami.  Disgusting.


    I’m afraid it’ll be a cold day you-know-where before they will redeem such a great bad guy.  If I were the writers, there’s no way in that same place I’d turn him around.  He is too good as a villian.  That’d be as bad as reforming Stefano.


    Sure, I’d like to see him allow his children to see their mother because he really does love them.  But maybe not turn him totally around.  I’d like to see him continue to blackmail Sami into giving him physical custody but still allow her visitation rights.  If he does marry Nicole, she would still be with the kids which would drive Sami nuts.  But then if EJ falls head over heels with Taylor, it would drive Nicole nuts!  Then down the road somewhere EJ and Sami could call a truce long enough to bring EJ down somehow.  I’d like to see more friendships and fewer sexual escapades.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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