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    I have to wonder as I watch some of these so called actors try to portray who they are trying to be.  Watching Dario is the most disgusting actor I’ve seen in a while.

    ****EDITED BY JENNM****

    An actor’s ability is open season, their physical characteristics are not.  Please keep it respectful – some of the actors actually read these posts and unless you’d feel comfortable telling this to them directly, please don’t say it here.

    Watching the new Taylor doesn’t appeal to me either.  She just doesn’t fit and she acts like she is uneasy in the character. 

    I have to wonder if Bo will figure out that Rafe2 didn’t find Ciera and Theo.  Is he smart enough to catch on? 




    I’d go so far as to describe Dario as “disgusting.” I in fact think he is beginning to settle into the role better now. Also, is it fair to degrade someone on the basis of a physical feature?


     Seeing a softer side of him now has changed him for the better, IMO.  I will say that I would rather see him with Melanie than Brady.  That’s the combo that is disgusting to me, unless their relationship is kept strictly platonic.


    Geez, with all of the crap going on with cyber bullying, is it really cool to be judging this guy on his looks?  I don’t think he shows a lot of emotion when acting, but he certainly isn’t a bad looking fellow.  I know he’s an adult and probably couldn’t care less about what folks think about his looks, but come on.  Comments like that are just so junior high!


    I’m warming up to him too.  I like him and Melanie together.  They have chemistry, at least more chemistry than most of the couples they have on there right now.  I like her so much more with Dario than with Brady.  let them remain friends! 

    I’m still not warming up to NuTaylor and EJ.  still not feeling the "feelings’ they are feeling. lol.  i still think she’ll pull of the new Taylor better but I still dont like her. 


    have no interest in Dario and any additional fire to the Days of Our Melanie I will not support. Where the heck are Justin and Adrienne or Bo and Hope? I would rather see them. Furthermore the only Hernadez remotely interesting has always been Rafe. The rest I couldn’t care less about.


    I feel exactly the same about Dario and Taylor.  I’ve not noticed Dario’s nose but his crossed eyes are so distracting to me as to take away from his character.  I guess is acting is okay, kind of stilted but I can put up with it.

    And I don’t understand those who think this new Taylor is attractive.  I don’t find her even mildly good looking.  She has horrible stringy hair and her teeth are on the verge of being bucked.  She also has sunken eyes that give her a sinister look.  I just can’t feel any emotion for her feelings about EJ.

    And, please, people, don’t chastize me for being mean to the actors.  I am only stating my opinion…and YMMV


    was underwhelming to say the least. Pleasant enough, but considering they are supposed to be Days’ big guns with such an intense history – and being apart for so long – was kind of a ho hum reconciling. I hope the writers are cooking up something good for them. I still think their own PI biz would be interesting.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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