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    They really surprised me by getting rid of Grant.  I thought it should have been one of the girls, even though they led us to believe it would be Grant.  For once, they didn’t blindside US.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with those people not voting Rob off.  (He should get an Emmy for his acting.  I don’t know how he could lie to Grant, right in his face like that.)  Do they really think when it comes down to the final two, they’d beat him.  I think their brains are being starved so I don’t know what in the heck they are using to think with.  But, I guess you do have to hand it to him, he knows how to play the game and he does it well.  I had to laugh when he said what a hard job it was to do all the thinking.  :o)

    Don’t you wish Philip would stop all his arguing with people?  It’s getting tiresome.  I know it’s part of his act but, puhleeze, enough!  And, Philip, PLEASE, PUT YOUR PANTS ON, PLEASE!  His pink panties are getting stretched out in the legs and I’m so afraid something is going to fall out…something I really don’t care to see.


    many will vote for Rob to take the million. No one voted for Russell but Rob is cagier. Everyone is thinking Rob will get them to the finals, but not everyone will be the finals, don’t they get that? I suppose maybe they’re thinking if they plot to take Rob out, he will find out and cut off their heads. It’s gotta be fear, because can all these people be so dumb? I have to think whoever survives from RI will be a huge factor in the outcome.


     although it serves Grant right for thinking Rob was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I’ll never forget him beating him on that log-rolling challenge and then declaring in a voice that would break the sound barrier:  "I LOVE YOU, ROB."  Either these people are just plain stupid, or they are all vying for Rob to take them to the finals, knowing full that NONE of the jury members would vote for Rob, realizing now that he played each and every one of them.  I think that would be the only reason they would want to keep him in the game.  Maybe it’s not because they think he’s such a stupendous leader; but, more because they know he will be so hated by the finals, they’ll want to enjoy the look on his face when he doesn’t get one single vote, just like Russell.  I just can’t wrap my head around any other reason for these people to want him in the game.


      They had a perfect opportunity last night to vote off Rob as he didn’t play his immunity idol.  If not him, then I was hoping the girl Natalie would be voted off.  I just don’t like her. I don’t like any of the girls who rode Rob’s coat tails.  But maybe that in itself is good strategy.

    Anyway, I think they are not voting off Rob because each one does believe that Rob will take them to the finals.  And maybe, as you say, it’s because they think they can win against him because he manipulated everyone and in the end, will not get a vote because of this.  But I was thinking that maybe they think they can beat Rob because he’s played the game several times and was even runner-up before so nobody would want him to win.  Maybe I’m way off, but like you say, it’s very hard to understand why they still want him around.  Makes absolutely no sense.


    remember what Robboy did to them and give it (not the money) back to him in the end…those girls were mindless twits the entire way through (and I thought Phillip was a dunce)…better watch it Rob, what goes around comes around.  I’d love for Matt to stick it out on RI and come back and pound Rob into toast crumbs too!

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