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    Loved Vivian’s line about if she wanted Phillip to get a decent haircut that he’d have to do it!   I swear they read our posts.!   


    them – wonder if she’ll make Katie give up her blue streak?  Or break up Nicole and Brady (more than EJ).  You know Victor is going to have many, many, MANY regrets…


     with a new haircut?    The other stories are so depressing right now!  Poor Johnny, Hope being attacked, enough already.  If I wanted depression for the holiday, all I have to do is listen to the news!


    they felt they had to write something as dramatic and drastic as a child losing an eye.  If they wanted something terrible to happen to him, why not make it something that he eventually comes out of unscathed.  But losing an eye is very much like Philip losing his leg, very permanent.  But I suppose Johnny’s artificial eye will be forgotten about, just like Phil’s leg.  (They blew the bandage part though, he would have needed a compression bandage on his eye socket which would have been much thicker and larger and wound around his head completely.) 

    And I thought Hope played her pain excellently.  I thought back of when I had my back operation and how painful it was to move.  I could really feel her pain.

    And how dorky was Bo?  OMG!  That was hillarious.  But once again we have to suspend realism.  Whomever had the power to get him in there as a guard would also have to power to get Hope moved out of there and begin an investigation of the warden.  I guess the writERRs are really grasping for straws.


     I was wondering what would make him cut his hair, and you just answered it.  Looks like Vivian may demand it once they realize she is in charge.  And, may he (or TPTB) never ever let it get that long, stringy and greasy looking again.  

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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