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    In the upcoming scenes where Brady tells Lucas about the missing jewelry & cash from the scene of the crime that can point the suspicion onto the guilty party, I can see that no one knows that Leo is the one that did that, but still, isn’t it very odd that they are playing up Lucas putting it together that it may have been him, given as to what the viewers had seen of what Leo had done?

    I can’t see Leo getting Clyde to help him, given Clyde’s new relationship with Ben & his relationship with his grandson, with how Roman trusted him to give him a job & Clyde’s relationship with his family, I can’t see that Clyde would be so willing to sacrifice his job that Roman had given him, if & when Roman learns about his employee aligning himself up with Leo, now would he?

    Then there’s this: Isn’t it very odd that, yet again, Justin & Sonny has no clue as to what happened to Abigail, that they think that the viewers would want to see Paulina’s nups with Abe than having the Kiriakis Family, learning about Abigail’s fate, don’t you think?


    Clyde would not help Leo because of Nancy. Anything else, would be secondary. He knows how much Nancy hates Leo. JMHO, I think Leo will be murdered and we’re going to have a lot more suspects to add to the list. I don’t think Abigail’s murder is a one off. Once Leo is killed, they’ll find the jewelry and think he was Abigail’s killer and everything is solved. But I think someone else down the line will be killed and they’ll realize they have a serial killer. I had heard Ron C. Wanted to do a serial killer storyline, so I think Abby’s death is just the beginning. Maybe Clyde will be the killer, he has motive for both Abby and Leo.


    In a way, I can see another serial killer story is so that way they can kill off Paulina Carver. But in a way I can’t see them putting another serial killer story in effect, given that they have played up 9-10 possessions, one of them ended up having a DeMira wife jumping the bones of her new husband’s sister.

    Then the backlash over Abigail’s death, meaning, a post on here about it being the nail being put into Days’ coffin.

    Then they had already had played 3 serial killer stories, meaning, one being Marlena, the next being Andre & then Ben, you tell me, do we need a fourth?

    I get that JuneTeenth being a federal holiday, but still, should fictional characters celebrate it with a wedding, especially, if there’s a chance that it may come out of a conspiracy involving TR’s shooting?

    This is the last: Again, isn’t it very odd that not once are they letting two Kiriakis’ know what happened to Abigail & isn’t it a little odd that they play up the funeral services two weeks after the killing, talk about couldn’t get rid of Abigail fast enough, don’t you think?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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