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    Tweets for 9/24/21 Episode
    It’s raining in New Orleans as Ben and Ciara get back to their room
    Chanel and Johnny at the mansion. She’s nervous about The Exorcist
    Kayla is telling Steve about Doug
    Eli came to see Doug. Julie fills him inJulie thinks Marlena was in shock
    Marlena opens up John’s exorcism kit. She quickly drops the priest collar. The picks up the article “You and I made a splash all those years ago, Marlena. But mark my words. Salem ain’t seen nothing yet.”
    We have our first evil devil laugh
    Ben and Ciara kissing
    MarDevil admiring herself in the mirror. She’s so pleased “You look absolutely marvelous, Marlena
    The devil confirms that Doug would be dead if Marlena hadn’t made that deal
    John comes home from picking up dinner. Marlena has her back to him. John asks if she’s alright
    Marlena hasn’t even turned around, and John thinks something is wrong
    Abe and Paulina plan to have John and Marlena over another time. They walk into the Pub and see Steve and Kayla
    Paulina called Steve a sexy pirate
    Paulina thinks Tripp is such a charming young man
    Chanel doesn’t think that Johnny should make the movie because of his grandparents. Johnny thinks that his grandfather will come around
    Eli doesn’t understand why Doug would say he went into her. They think Doug was confused, but Julie said there’s a look unlike anything she’s ever seen before
    Doug is waking up
    Marlena with normal eyes tells John that she was lost in thought about Doug. John thinks that Marlena looks shaken. He sees that she saw the exorcism kit
    John didn’t want to have to think about that time in their lives again “I’ve got a bad feeling about that, Doc.”
    I like that John knows Marlena isn’t OK, but he has no reason to jump to the fact that she got possessed at work while talking to Doug
    Ben and Ciara had sex and they’re talking about New Orleans
    Ciara is glad they went to Oak Alley and learned the ugly history. She knows it affected Ben because he’s been quiet
    Ben felt like the tour guide was talking about him in a way
    Chanel at The Exorcist: “Oh hell, no. Turn it off.
    Chanel tells Johnny do not make the movie
    Paulina mentions that John was having a hard time. She and Steve want to know about what. Abe says that John has been thinking about when Marlena was possessed by the devil
    Doug keeps saying Marlena and help
    John is telling Marlena about Johnny and Allie asking about the possession “ “I made sure she understood that in the end good triumphed over evil”
    John said it was tricky to explain the exorcism because it turned out he wasn’t a priest after all. MarDevil mutters “You certainly had me fooled about that.” I. AM. DYINGJohn: “After all these years, going through that box, it reinforced that it was our love that defeated the devil.
    John picks up the Bible and mentions their faith in God. Marlena freaks and says put that away!
    Ben said no matter how much he tries to atone for the lives he took it’s always going to be a part of him for the rest of his life
    Paulina cannot believe that Marlena was possessed. Steve and Kayla explain they weren’t in town. Abe confirms it did happen
    Abe is talking about how horrifying it was for John and Marlena and everyone in the town. Abe tells them it came up because of Johnny’s movie
    Johnny thinks that Marlena’s possession being a true story is even better and will help sell the movi
    John wants to know why Marlena is so upset about the Bible. She thinks he’s right that she’s on edge because of this conversation. She wants to stop talking about it. He thinks this is exactly why Johnny shouldn’t be making the movie
    John thinks Johnny making this movie is inviting evil back into their lives. He is going to kill this kid
    Doug is agitated. Julie is going to call Marlena
    Ciara doesn’t want Ben to let his past define him
    Ben hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it since Ciara said she wanted to have a baby
    Paulina excuses herself. Steve and Kayla think she’s grea
    Abe says he’s going to propose tomorrow night
    Abe wants to get Paulina’a daughter’s blessing
    Chanel has had enough of The Exorcist
    Chanel tells Johnny that he owes her big time
    John asked Marlena if she agrees a Johnny shouldn’t be making the movie. Marlena gets a phone call. Julie tells her that Doug keep saying her name
    If Julie keeps talking, she’s going to get the devil to kill Doug
    Marlena didn’t get a chance to answer John about the movie. I think non-possessed Marlena must wake up terrified next week and she and John agree to tell Johnny not to make the movie
    Ben is worried that the terrible things he did could be hereditary
    Abe said he only met Paulina earlier this year but he can’t imagine his life without her
    Marlena tells John she has to go back to the hospital. John asks Marlena to tell Doug and Julie he’s thinking about them and praying. He leaves and the yellow eyes come back “I cannot have that bumbling old man telling people that I am back
    Julie tells Doug that Marlena is coming to help him. He’s saying no and that she needs help
    Steve and Kayla cover with Paulina
    Paulina doesn’t want any devils food cake. She thought that kind of thing only happened in the movies
    Chanel doesn’t think the movie had a happy ending because the two priests ended up dead. Johnny is making his grandmother‘s possession the sole focus of the movie
    Marlena rushes to Julie and Eli. She alas if Doug has said anything. Eli tells her that Doug said Marlena needed help. She says he’s clearly confused
    Julie wants to go with Marlena. She thinks it’s best if she sees him alone
    John is at home. He takes the Bible back out of the box. He’s reading from the Bible as we see Doug agitated. Marlena walks in menacing. John: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
    Marlena walks in to see Doug and says that he’s been a tattletale and she has to do something that. So good
    end of tweets

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