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    Days of our Lives
    Wednesday, November 24, 2021

    A possessed Marlena orders Susan to kill John.
    Julie has an emotional reunion with Doug.
    An angry Paulina tangles with the Devil.
    Steve gets a lead on John.
    Chanel told Paulina about her dream. Paulina told her that she’s so sorry
    Steve asked Johnny is Marlena has been acting strange
    Susan is telling barely conscious John that she had a vision someone would save them. MarDevil comes and tells them it’s Thanksgiving
    MarDevil takes out the dagger: “This is the day that I get to see the blood of innocents spilled.
    John looks terrible. A month of hanging by your arms will do that
    Chanel can’t believe that Paulina isn’t mad at her. Paulina is only mad at herself
    Kayla and Belle are shocked Julie brought Doug home
    Johnny thinks Marlena is only doing what’s best for Doug
    John is trying to reach Marlena “Doc.” Susan won’t let MarDevil kill John
    “Doc.” Awwww, John called out to her
    MarDevil fools Ben and Ciara and we’re the ones who are supposedly mad? I think it’s hysterical. Why does everything have to be a fan war? It’s a holiday weekend. Take a rest
    Johnny told Steve about Marlena’s devil costume
    Susan: “I would never heard a single silver hair on John Black’s head.”
    MarDevil said if Susan doesn’t kill John, she’ll kill the other John Black. She tells Susan about EJ playing John in Johnny’s movie
    MarDevil said if Susan doesn’t plunge the dagger into John’s heart, she will carve EJ like a Thanksgiving turkey
    Julie insists that Doug is staying there for good
    Chanel thinks Paulina wanted her to be more like Lani. Paulina is talking about a special time she got to spend with Chanel
    Paulina told Chanel that she will always be her baby. They hug
    Chanel said that Marlena told her to go to the wedding and hold her peace. She’s telling Paulina about the weird moment when the wedding started
    Chanel said it was like Marlena wanted her to tell and she couldn’t resist
    All he’s been able to say is Doc
    Susan asked MarDevil why is she doing this “Well I am the devil.
    MarDevil is doing this because John wouldn’t give into the temptation of Kristen. “He couldn’t let go of his own sense of decency.”
    Susan said that John is keeping Marlena from being fully possessed. MarDevil: “There is this annoying little voice inside of her, that keeps her fighting me.”
    MarDevil: “I know how to get inside her heart, and break it. All I have to do is stop John’s heart from beating.”
    The devil wants to break Marlena’s heart so they can fully possess her. The Devil knows the only way to do that is to kill John, and Marlena would be so heartbroken she would submit
    Shawn and Belle are setting the table in the Horton Dining Room
    Shawn said that Doug looked scared
    MarDevil left Susan with the dagger and said that John better be dead when she gets back or EJ will join his father
    Chanel told Paulina about the trip to Italy. She will do her best to be home for Christmas
    Julie is trying to sing Always to Doug. It doesn’t register with Doug
    Belle is worried her mom might have tried to kill Doug and Julie
    Johnny is getting concerned that John is missing
    Susan can’t kill an innocent man who has lived a life of decency and righteousness
    Susan is crying. John is trying to talk to her
    John: “I know that you’re afraid for your son. And I know that the devil is going nowhere near EJ.
    Paulina came to see Marlena
    Paulina is furious with Marlena for telling Chanel “Why would I ever want to hurt you or Abe or anyone else for that matter?
    John tells Susan that he has dealt with Satan before and his whole goal is to poison good kind souls
    John said the devil just wants to force Susan‘s hand so she’ll forever be branded as a murderer
    Susan raises the dagger to kill John
    Paulina is filing a complaint so Marlena will lose her license and her job. Marlena laughs at her “My devil may care attitude.”
    Marlena is dragging Paulina: “I’m not a liar and a hypocrite. That would be you. I’m sorry you’ll never have your family back and you’ll never have Abe back.”
    Paulina grabs Marlena’s arm and says “I’m not through with you you coldhearted bitch.” MarDevil turns with the eyes glowing “ Who are you calling a bitch? Bitch.”
    Johnny came to check on Chanel. He talked to Allie and she’s not mad Chanel is leaving
    Paulina is shook!
    Paulina ran away from MarDevil
    Belle calls and tells Marlena what she did with Doug and Julie
    Belle told Marlena that Doug and Julie are home
    Julie is upset that this condition is permanent. Kayla said to wait and see if the medication wears off
    Julie told Doug that it’s Thanksgiving and they have so much to be grateful for
    Steve is outside the crypt. Kayla leaves him a message that she’s staying there
    Steve is trying to break into the crypt. Susan thinks the devil is back and is freaking out she has to kill John
    Johnny asked Chanel if she’s sure she doesn’t want to stay with her family for Thanksgiving. She is and they leave
    Paulina tries to call the police. She doesn’t know what the hell she just saw
    Belle told Shawn that Marlena hung up on her. Thanksgiving at the Hortons is starting
    Julie is giving a speech about how Thanksgiving is meant to be a celebration of gratitude
    Julie is thankful for the wonderful old home, family and friends
    Julie said that Doug has always been the optimist
    Julie said that she could feel Doug’s optimism
    Julie said that Doug is the center of her universe
    Marlena walks in “Happy Thanksgiving.”
    Steve breaks into the crypt and sees Susan covered in blood. We don’t see John
    Marlena says she’s come to wish all of them a Happy Thanksgiving and to take Doug back to Bayview. Julie insists that Marlena is not Doug’s doctor anymore
    Julie said Marlena is not welcome in that house anymore
    Doug stands up “You. You. You’re the devil
    Julie just threw Marlena out of the Horton House, and I cannot wait for her to find out that Marlena let herself get possessed to save Doug’s life
    We don’t know what happened to John, but Susan is covered in blood
    Two great cliffhangers! Doug trying to expose MarDevil and John’s fate hanging in the balance as Susan was covered in blood

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