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    Days of our Lives
    Friday, November 19, 2021

    Lani and Paulina have an emotional confrontation.

    The Devil tries to weaken John’s love for Marlena.

    Johnny and Chanel’s relationship heats up.

    Susan makes a break for it

    I need a John, Marlena, Susan and Johnny scene so badly. Johnny and his three grandparents
    MarDevil said Susan didn’t pick the lock and Susan is praising John talking her through it
    Susan runs out and MarDevil shakes her head
    Abe is drinking with Roman
    Theo and Eli agree Chanel picked a bad time to tell the truth
    Lani slapped Paulina
    Paulina said she deserved it. Lani is so mad
    Lani said in one fell swoop she took away her brother, her mother and her father
    Lani asked who her father is
    John asked if MarDevil was going after Susan “In these heels?”
    Susan got to the mansion. She’s calling for EJ and Johnny. No one hears her
    Johnny comes down the stairs and says what was that?
    MarDevil killed a huge spider with her heels
    Johnny checks outside but Susan is gone
    MarDevil comes back with the cat
    MarDevil told John that if she hadn’t had stopped Susan she would have gotten to his grandson
    Chanel came to see Johnny
    Chanel told Johnny the wedding is over and was a total disaster because of her. She hugs Johnny
    Theo is upset he isn’t the twins’ uncle
    Eli told Theo he’s the best damn godfather Jules will ever have and nothing will change that blood or no blood
    Roman asked Abe if what Chanel said was true. Abe said yes
    Paulina is telling Lani about Ray
    Paulina is explaining that she promised never to tell the truthJohn: “So honey, you said you were off to corrupt souls and destroy lives. Tell me that didn’t happen.”
    MarDevil told John the destruction of Abe’s wedding went even better than they thought
    MarDevil told John that he shouldn’t even bother resisting because they’ll have his soul
    Chanel is telling Johnny that his grandmother told her that Lani is Paulina’s daughter
    Theo said he had Abe to himself growing up because Brandon wasn’t around. He said Lani protected him when he was bullied in school
    Paulina gave birth at Olivia’s because the hospital was too risky. Paulina is telling Lani about her birth
    Paulina had the midwife cut a piece of Lani’s hair and that gave her the strength to give her to her sister
    Abe said he feels badly for Paulina but not for lying
    Abe is upset he gave Paulina another chance
    Paulina knew she was doing the right thing for Lani
    Paulina dreamed of being Lani’s mama
    Lani said she had a mother to do all of those things
    Lani is still mad about the trip to Paris
    Johnny can’t believe Marlena told Chanel about Paulina and Lani
    Johnny said breaking confidentiality like that doesn’t sound like his grandmother
    Marlena as herself wakes up chained in the crypt calling for John
    The devil comes back to see John. Kristen asks if he’s ready to pick up where they left off
    The devil chained Marlena up before changing into Kristen’s form
    Roman thinks maybe Paulina was trying to protect him
    Abe doesn’t know how he can get past it
    Lani is asking if all the gifts are to make up for everything
    Lani is so upset that she thought it was OK to keep this big lie
    Lani said what Paulina wanted was always more important than the truth
    Johnny and Chanel keep saying Marlena could get in trouble
    Chanel said she felt compelled to tell because Marlena was seeing into her soul.
    Chanel didn’t want Marlena to lose her license
    Marlena is trying to get free. She sees her phone and is trying to get it with her foot
    John is recoiling from Kristen and she tells him not to be like that
    John tells Kristen to stop it. She is talking about when they had sex at the Horton Cabin. Flashback!
    Kristen is trying to get John to remember being at the Horton Cabin with her
    Marlena is trying to rescue herself and John. She isn’t waiting around like a damsel in distress
    John’s so exhausted
    Roman is encouraging Abe to remember the way he loves Lani is real
    Roman leaves
    Theo said Abe has always been a rock but Abe’s rock has always been family. He goes to find Abe
    Lani said Abe is not her father. Paulina said he may not be her biological father but he’s her daddy
    Lani said Paulina is not her mother and she never will be. Lani leaves
    Johnny said Chanel can’t let it get her down
    Johnny called Chanel brave
    Johnny and Chanel kiss
    Chanel wants to go upstairs. He asks if she’s sure. He’s sure. They go upstairs
    Kristen is talking about how John made breakfast 28 years ago
    Kristen wants John to admit she still loves him and wants him. He’s standing there
    Marlena got her phone but there’s no signal. She says God please and the phone rings
    Chanel and Johnny kissing and undressing. They fall to the bed
    Theo and Abe hug
    Lani and Eli hug
    Paulina is alone with her locket
    Paulina cries with the little piece of Lani’s hair
    Kristen is talking about how upset John was that she was Stefano’s daughter. He knows he remembers when they made love. She takes his belt off and he rolls his eyes
    Kristen asks John to take her right here while her dead relatives watch
    Marlena answers the phone and it’s Sami! “Mom, thank God you picked up!
    We ended with John stone faced as Kristen tried her best to seduce him, and Sami calling Marlena
    I love that the episode also ended with Theo with Abe, Eli with Lani, and Paulina alone

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