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    Thursday, January 13, 2022

    Abigail informs Xander she has a lead regarding Sarah’s disappearance.
    Ava reveals a secret to Gwen.
    As EJ’s trial begins, Belle comes to his aid.
    Steve and Kayla go undercover to find Kristen.

    begins with Chad talking to Kate, he is going to spin it to Shin that he thought EJ was guilty and he was serving the course of justice. Kate scoffs Shin won’t care, he only cares about market shares

    Chad says EJ has been a SOB since he got to town but he is his brother and he welcomed Chad into the family when he got back to town. Chad is going to court and tell the truth

    Trask is surprised that Belle is EJ’s counsel. She says this is not standard procedure. Belle points out its well within EJ’s rights. Trask comments this is an interesting situation, the board won’t be happy

    Belle smiles and tells Trask to concentrate on a new strategy cause she is going to need it

    Rafe is looking at the files, upset. Shawn asks whats up boss? He says someone is setting him up

    Ava and Gwen bump into each other and Gwen is cranky, X is still looking for Sarah. X is at the D mansion banging on the door, Abby answers. He wants to start working on finding Sarah right away

    Steve is talking to Brady, tells him no leads yet. He calls sweetness – are you ready? Kayla comes out in a nuns habit

    Even as a bride of Christ you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” What a weird compliment

    Kayla is uncomfortable, she says this is blasphemous. Steve says its for a good cause, the big dude upstairs won’t mind.

    Abby says she has a lead – one of the spare DiMera planes they keep as backup was used around the time Sarah disappeared but the pilot is gone

    EJ murmurs to Belle not that he doesn’t appreciate it but what made her change her mind? Belle says someone convinced her he was innocent – Nicole. He is surprised. Belle says yeah but she still hates your guts “and thats a direct quote”

    Belle says she can handle the board if they give her grief about a conflict of interest – and she can handle Sami too

    Judge Barnes starts the case. He wants to start jury selection. EJ wants to waive his right to a jury trial. Belle is shocked

    Steve asks if Kayla is still having second thoughts? She says no, its for a noble cause, like he said. She says she will put her worries for blasphemy aside and impersonate a nun, she is all in

    Kayla asks if he really thinks Kristen is at the convent. Steve comes out of the bathroom dressed like a priest.

    X thinks the pilot died? Abby says no he quit, right after the flight actually. X says why did she call if there is nothing to do? She says to update you, you didn’t have to come here.

    Xander says he will leave so he doesn’t slow her investigation down and leaves. Gwen thinks Abby is just looking for Sarah to hurt her. She says she has seen how Abigail revels in payback. Ava smiles they have something in common

    Shawn says wow – they are lying right? Rafe says of course! You have to ask? In his whole career he never had one claim against him and now there’s two?

    Shawn says maybe someone put the two criminals up to it

    Rafe says it makes sense that someone put them up to this. Shawn asks who would want to get revenge against him? Rafe can’t think of anyone, but as “commish” (I hate Rafe omg) someone always has an axe to grind

    Ava asks if G disapproves of getting revenge on Rafe? Gwen says she knows her better than that, she just wants the details. Ava leans in and says she has a connection with a few gentleman who have found themselves in trouble and she convinced them to say Rafe framed them

    Gwen says that’s a serious crime! Ava leans in and says you have to keep this between us and X walks up hello ladies! He asks what Gwen has to keep secret

    Abby visits Chad at work to ask about the pilot – Ned Granger. Chad randomly remembers that Ned’s last check was returned, it couldn’t be delivered

    Stayla go to see the Mother Superior and ask for her hel

    Mother Superior says she will be happy to help. Steve says Sister Mary Elizabeth was part of a small convent in Italy that was lost to fire. Everyone else was temporarily to assigned except Sister Mary Elizabeth (Kayla) so he hopes they can take her in

    Ava says they were talking about Rafes surprised party. Gwen says trust me my lips are sealed.

    Xander says that was weird, how do you two even know each other?

    Chad says he was angry at EJ but he may have overreacted – he doesn’t deserve to go to prison. Abby points out Chad found proof, EJ deserves prison. Chad says not necessarily

    Belle asks for a moment to confer with her client. He gives them 5 minutes. Belle is upset, she is the attorney, he needs to sit down and shut up. He thinks he has a better chance with the judge

    Belle asks so what – do you think you are going to get to the judge? “Or have you already?

    EJ thinks the judge seems reasonable and he trusts a lawyer more than the hoi polloi of this town. Belle tells him he is a snob and to let her do her job. He agrees.

    Abby can’t figure out why Chad changed his mind then says omg – don’t tell me you are thinking about lying on the stand. He can’t perjure himself. Abby says she is going with him

    Chad says she doesn’t have to come with him but she said she is covering the trial

    Gwen says she knows Ava thru Charlie. She went to offer her condolences when he died because she and Charlie had shared sob stories before that about being outcasts

    Gwen says she sort of bonded with Charlie and X snarks you bonded with a psychopath?

    Rafe has an idea, he tells Shawn about the bear. Shawn says Duke? Rafe says oh you met?

    Shawn smirks he saw a few of the handoffs of Duke. Rafe is talking about the bear and Ava walks in

    The boss nun says she will see if she can arrange a room and Steve leaves his number for her to contact them. She asks his name and he says Father Nichols

    They leave and Kristen in a habit knocks on the door and asks who the visitors were?

    Mother Superior explains about the sister needing a spot to stay, after all they find a place for everyone as they did for Kristen. Kristen is so grateful and that they are letting her wear the habit even tho she is not a sister.

    MS wishes they could have brought her back in the fold but knows Kristen’s life took a different path. They know Kristen is hiding out there. Kristen asks to use the phone

    They get back to the hotel and Steve says that went well. He tells Kayla she was awesome and she says oh come on I hardly said a word. He jokes he likes how deferential she was to Father Nichols. She says not like it usually is

    Steve pulls the collar off and she says once the collar is off its back to normal. They kiss

    Ava brings Rafe food and he says he is busy, in the middle of something. She says she will put it his office and kisses him and heads to his office

    Shawn asks if everything is alright? Rafe thinks Ava might have something to do with this

    Ava gets to Rafe’s office and sees a pic of her and Rafe on the desk. She scoffs look at you showing the world what a devoted boyfriend you are

    Ava remembers talking to Duke and saying how Nicole and Rafe humiliated her. She tells the pic she hope it was worth it cause he is going to pay for it

    Ava’s phone rings and its Kristen – she asks if Ava sicced Patch on her??

    Belle asks for a continuance till tomorrow and Trask says its outrageous. Trask says EJ is confident in his lawyer and he waived a jury, they can begin. The judge agrees

    Belle protests the first witness isn’t even there and Trask calls Chad to the stand as he walks in

    Chad apologizes for being late. EJ murmurs if it isn’t Judas himself. Abby and Chad talk to each other till the judge bangs the gavel and says the court is waiting

    Kayla pulls back, she can’t kiss him dressed as a nun. He says they are just in costume but Kayla says no, not gonna happen. He suggest she go get into something more comfortable

    Ava asks what she is talking about? Kristen asks why Steve and Kayla showed up here? Ava asks wheres here? Ava knows Xander wanted to hire Steve to find Sarah, maybe he took the case

    Kristen says dammit, the last thing I need is that little caper coming to haunt me. Ava tells Kristen that Gwen is worried that Xander is going to leave her for Sarah. Kristen says she knows how exactly how that feels

    Gwen says Ava lost a child and Gwen knows what that feels like. X says that big heart of yours and she jokes don’t tell anyone. They kiss and she asks what happened with Abby

    X tells Gwen that Abby has a strong lead

    Ava is still talking to Kristen, she says since Ava and Gwen helped her she is going to help Ava in return. Ava asks how and K says she will find out

    Shawn is surprised that Rafe thinks Ava would do this. He says she has jealousy issues and can get worked up. Shawn says Vitalis tend to do that
    Rafe says he accused Ava of killing Duke.

    Rafe doesn’t know, maybe its his imagination running will – maybe she did cut Duke’s head of but these accusations could ruin his entire career

    Rafe can’t imagine that she would want to destroy him

    The judge asks if Chad swears to tell the truth. Cha remembers telling Kate that he was going to tell the truth. He says “I do.” Everyone waits anxiously. End.

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