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      were in bed and had the following conversation:

     Philip: I’m so sorry about that.

    Melanie: It’s okay. I love you.

    Philip: I love you too.

    What was Philip sorry about?  Are we to assume that he was so guilt ridden over Chloe that he could not perform sexually with Melanie?  What is your take on that?




    his infidelity is really bothering Philip.  I can’t believe a guy who has been in the Kirikas family and operating as a major player in its business would be so guilt-ridden over it.  If he keeps going like he is, he’s eventually going to blurt it all out to Melanie.  But her, being the understanding little wifey she is, will probably instantly forgive him.  Oh, what a mess this has turned into.


    triangles, but lately it’s rectangles and quite frankly I am sick of these unimaginative writers. DAYS has undoubtedly one of the finest and most talented casts in soaps, and it must be beleaguering, to say the least, for these actors to perform the same dull, predictable stories, not to mention the repetitive dialogue lately, day after day after day.  Some dumb bunnies obviously care more about the money than the criticism I read every day from soap magazine writers to aggravated fans, all opting for writers with new stories to tell.  It’s like they put the same 6 or 7 plot-related story lines in a hat from the ending of one to the beginning of the next.  Like I said, it’s more about taking home the paycheck, for everyone involved.  Plus, writers, do you have to be reminded that it is MAY SWEEPS, which is supposed to be the climax month for sweeps, leading into the dull summer of nothing but dull teens.  How long after Alice’s funeral before that load of bull-crap is dumped on us?  Too bad Ken Corday doesn’t have the vision his parents had for this wonderful soap.  Sorry for ranting on TPTB again, but this is exactly how I feel.  Too bad we have to depend on the death of the all-time queen of DOOL (and soaps in general) to peak my interest as well as wait patiently for the fondly missed actors and actresses, with illustrious flashbacks, all reminding me how good this show used to be.


    You are so on the money with what you said!  Thank goodness – I’m not the only one out here that feels this way – I’ve been through the thick and the thin stories with my beloved "Days" for almost 20 years but I’m at the end of my proverbial rope, one more triangle and I’m tying a knot and jumping off the Salem pier!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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