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    I think part of the reason some of the SLs are moving so slowly is that there are so many ongoing SLs.  We have the following:

    Bope and the prison scam with subplots involving Jennifer/Dr Ben

    Chloe/Daniel/Parker which mixes in Phillip/Caroline/Steph/Melanie/Nathan to various degrees


    EJ/Nicole/Sami/Rafe and the kids


    Stefano/EJ with whatever they are going to do to Rafe


    I know I’ve left some out, but my point is you have about 5 minutes of dialogue/kissing then 5 minutes of commercials.  That doesn’t leave time to cover much ground on a daily basis.   




    give a rat’s hinney about – Bo and Hope, EJ/Sami/Rafe/kids, Chad, Stefano/EJ and anything to do with Rafe, Chloe and Daniel (Parker is OK – he hasn’t grated on my last nerve like his mother does). 


    Days should save money on actors and concentrate on meatier stories with fewer characters.


     but the one I can definitely do without is one that you did not mention, and that’s the whole Melanie pregnancy fiasco.  Melanie all by herself gives me a headache.  A pregnant tummy holding, morning, noon and night sickness, with crying, sighing before each line, and stuttering in-between them is enough to make me wish Nathan would just kidnap her and take her with him when he leaves.  


    anywhere in a very long time!  Get rid of 50% of the characters running around, yet Days continues to add and add and add more.  Most or all of the new people that have been "introduced" in the last year and a half to two years (and yes, that includes a few of the main story liners), get rid of them.  There are so many friggin’ story lines now – haven’t the writers ever heard a variation of that old adage, "…you can’t please everyone"!!!???!!! 

    Seems like they are trying for quantity instead of quality – I’ll take quality any "DAY"!!!  And the writer’s really did well and cranked out some outstanding writing for a few episodes about three weeks ago – (the reveal – at the Christening and a few days after), so they are capable of it. 


    I agree with you 53tdogs. I am just not interested in most of it these days. Storylines should last no longer than 3 months. For example the children as weapons with Sami and EJ. We have been watching the back and forth for way too long.


    I have to strongly disagree with you.  I think we would get very bored of seeing the same characters over and over and over.  The only way they’d be able to tell a story that way would be to really drag it out, otherwise it would seem like a compilation of short stories that would never have any depth to them.

    I love the variety of characters and, if they are any good at all, welcome the new hires they bring on.  And I think that’s exactly what they are trying to do…please everyone.  We can see by the comments here that many people dislike different characters and love the others.  So what would happen if you cut the cast, say in half?  I think you’d lose a ton of viewers.  JMO, of course.  YMMV


     Don’t believe me???  Check it out!!!

                            "Days of Our Lives" Current Contract Cast List


    Suzanne Rogers – Maggie Horton

    Peggy McCay – Caroline Brady

    James Reynolds – Abe Carver

    Alison Sweeney – Sami Brady

    Kristian Alfonso – Hope Williams Brady

    Peter Reckell – Bo Brady

    Lauren Koslow – Kate Roberts DiMera

    Josh Taylor – Roman Brady

    James Scott – E.J. DiMera

    Jay Johnson – Philip Kiriakis

    Shelley Hennig – Stephanie Johnson

    Renee Jones – Dr. Lexie Carver

    Nadia Bjorlin – Chloe Lane

    Shawn Christian – Dr. Daniel Jonas

    Arianne Zucker – Nicole Walker

    Molly Burnett – Melanie Layton

    Joseph Mascolo – Stefano DiMera

    Galen Gering – Rafe Hernandez

    Eric Martsolf – Brady Black

    Mark Hapka – Nathan Horton

    Casey Jon Deidrick – Chad Woods

    Crystal Chappell – Carly Manning

    Louise Sorel – Vivian Alamain

    Chandler Massey – Will Horton

    Camila Banus – Gabi Hernandez

    Melissa Reeves – Jennifer Deveraux

    "Days of Our Lives" Current Recurring Cast List

    John Aniston – Victor Kiriakis

    Julian Barnes – Harold

    Lauren Boles – Ciara Brady

    Judi Evans – Adrienne Kiriakis

    Mary Beth Evans – Kayla Johnson

    Gina Gallego – Warden Jane Smith

    Mary Garripoli – Mary

    Bill Hayes – Doug Williams

    Susan Seaforth Hayes – Julie Williams

    Ellie & Rose Karchmer – Parker Kiriakis

    Aaron & Griffin Kunitz – Johnny DiMera

    Wally Kurth – Justin Kiriakis

    Ron Leath – Henderson

    Robin Mattson – Lee Michaels

    Terrell Ransom Jr. – Theo Carver

    Campbell & Carolyn Rose – Allie Horton

    Kamall Shaikh – Gus Pascal

    Elizabeth & Mariam Tovey – Sydney DiMera

    Ty Treadway – Dr. Ben Walters

    Ralph Waite – Father Matt

    Aloma Wright – Nurse Maxine




     Mark Hapka – Nathan Horton

    Shelly Henning – Stephanie Johnson

    Jay Kenneth Johnson – Philip Kiriakis




    Natalia Livingston – Taylor

    Kate Mansi – Abigail Deveraux

    Christie Clark – Carrie Brady

    Frances Fisher – Sami’s and Rafe’s Neighbor



    (From Jason47’s site)

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