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    one of the actors (Kristian or Peter) is going to leave the show.  I can’t believe that the writers were so oblivious that they wouldn’t have had a clue how the viewers were going to react.  I’ve never been much of a Bope fan, but it was still very evident to me as a viewer that this was a couple that anchors the show to a large degree due to viewer opinions.  I have no history with Carly as I didn’t watch when she was on years ago; however, I disliked her character as soon as she arrived recently.  I may have been naive, but I really didn’t think that the writers would have them in bed.  I actually thought they would have them struggling with their close proximity, but never have them take it that far.  How would they ever redeem Bo after this fiasco!?  I don’t think he can be.


     I haven’t heard anything about anyone leaving, but I am ready to throw-up!  Hope may have started this mess, but that is no excuse for Bo’s actions.  When someone is the "love of your life", you don’t just throw in the towel like that.  They’re not even legally separated, and no one has actually mentioned divorce.  No one has mentioned counseling, though Bo claims he would do "anything" to work it out.  Does Bo not have a problem with blatant adultery, or think it might hinder any chance of reconciling with Hope?


    Yes its TRUE Bo commented adultery. Hope has done it a couple times too… PATRICK? what about him.

    Dont get me wrong 2 wrongs do NOT make a right, just sayin…

    I really thought Hope was gonna sleep with Justin first though


    Didn’t Justin tell Bo that Hope asked him to file separatin papers. 


    Justin told Bo he wouldn’t do it so it didn’t get done.  AFAIC, it doesn’t make any difference.  Bo is just a big fat pig!  MEN!  They’re all alike.  If they can jump into bed with someone, they don’t give it a second thought.

    I was surprised Bo admited it to Hope though.  I thought that was cruel.


    toward Hope. He simply looked a bit sheepish when Hope confronted him.
    But I too, like Luckey am dumbfounded as to what the writers are thinking. Has it really failed to dawn on them that we viewers aren’t buying this latest musical partners thing – yet again! – between this longtime fav couple? Gee, you’d think by Days running those flashbacks they’d remember how loved this pair was and how dedicated to one another.
    Is this story simply a motive for some adulterous sex scenes? Have we come down to that?
    I mean, the writing/behavior of these characters is hardly endearing to the audience.


    Bo has BEGGED Hope numerous times to come home…..yet she refuses.  I say she is just as much to blame as Bo is.  She treats him like yesterdays trash…how do you expect him to feel? I LOVE Carly’s statement to Hope about her ‘liking the moral high road’!  Classic!!  And spot on! Even though I LOVE Bo & Hope, and always will root for them to be together, Hope needs to come down from her high-horse…once again….as usual.


    Bo talked Carly into it.  She kept trying to pull back, and he kept on her like he was a teenager.  Does anyone really act like that at their ages?  It seems like she would have a clue how he feels when she told him she loved him and he just glazed over and dived back in.

    I hope Mia ends up being her daughter, both Mia and Carly are sad and depressing all the time.  Melanie at least has a personality.


    Which is why I said I am a fan of neither.  They both have made too many mistakes.  I was rooting for Bo, but I can’t do that anymore.


    For too long, both Bo and Hope have been kind of boring. They’ve had a few good storylines together (Zack’s death, plane crash, Bo’s transplant) but for the most part, in previous regimes, they’ve been support at best, invisible at worst. Now they’ve got something tasty to work on. And by mixing it up with Carly and Justin, the writers get a whole lot of other Salemites involved, which I always like. A little history helps — Doug and Julie always had their troubles, and lived apart for long periods. Same with Maggie and Mickey, John and Marlena, Kayla and Steve. Nobody is allowed real long-term happiness until they become recurring (or are fired). That’s what I love about soaps — not like real life at all!


    that’s not hard to understand.  What I do find hard to swallow is how quickly Bo was willing to jump into the sack with Carly.  Also, as much as I dislike Carly right now, she did TRY and control her emotions, but Bo just kept pushing and pushing until she finally gave up.  When the trust goes, so does everything else.  Say what you will about Hope’s pushing Bo away, and I’ll be the first to agree that what she did to him with Ciara was heartless, but now that she knows her husband had sex with his ex, Hope probably feels that as long as Carly remains in Salem, she and Bo have no chance of reconciliation.  Maybe when the truth about Carly’s daughter comes out, things will begin to settle into place.  But, in the meantime, I think this will continue for a while.  Let’s face it, both Bo and Hope have had affairs, so neither one has any right to condemn the other for infidelity.  I just know that if it were me, once I knew for sure that my husband cheated on me and took another woman into his bed, I couldn’t ever take him back in mine.


    having Bo and Carly jump into bed, especially this soon.  Maybe if this seperation became more concrete, then I could see it.  But months ago Hope was the love of Bo’s life, now he is in bed with Carly saying it is over?  I just would have liked to see a little more time.  I liked the SL until that point.  I especially liked Justin and Hope trying to find the truth.  I was hoping they would move along with that SL, while Bo and Carly fought their feelings for each other.  I understand them having feelings because of their past, I would have liked a little more fight.  Bo just seems out of it these days, no emotions, just odd.

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